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Dom Alli Makes You Want to Keep the Track "Runnin," With His Latest Release

The Toronto-based Hip-hop artist, rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter Dom Alli holds great anticipation when it comes to embarking on his next musical venture.

Dom Alli has learned the ins and outs of music composition and production by learning to recreate popular songs and put his spin on them, which led him to create his own original music.

Living by words like ‘Trust your gut, and if they pay you to do it, you ain’t gotta ask what your worth is,’ listeners will inevitably feel inspired to seek their highest potential after experiencing the likes of Dom Alli.

“Runnin,” is the latest single to be released from Dom Alli, and we have to admit that we’re a huge fan of the melodic approach that he pushes forth in his artistry.

With instrumentation that delicately floats through your speakers, there’s a dazzling use of harmonies that bring out the harmonic spirit laced into this track. With a wide display of cognizant lyrics that trickle into the greater scheme of the production, “Runnin,” acts as a well-balanced concoction of musicality meant to land with an impact.

Dom Alli’s vocals carry a bolstered rasp that ultimately pulls you into the soothing essence of his melodically rapped verses. Taking us to the laid-back finesse of the hook, there’s a spellbinding allure cemented in the way this song boosts your focus.

With the emphasis being placed on lyrical motifs like, ‘Where is the love? Been searching for years and I still ain’t found none,’ we come to realize that each word shed in this track is authentic to the life that Dom Alli portrays, and he wouldn’t depict it any other way.

We love how flexible you are on the beat. Your cadences glide like butter! With such a unique flair heard on this track, how did the lyrical inspiration get sparked within?

I was in the studio with T.yyy and Rosh and we had just found the sample for the beat. As soon as I heard the sample the ideas started flowing into my head. As we cooked up the concept for the song grew stronger so I just kept that energy going. And I really just wanted to make something fun and lighthearted for the summer.

Do you have a typical structure that you follow when it comes to your creative process? Do you find that “Runnin,” fit into this mold, or went its own route?

I don’t follow any particular process, to be honest. Sometimes it starts from making the beat, other times I’m inspired to write and I look for a beat that fits the theme later. I don’t like to tell myself to work any certain way because you never know what you might stumble upon by experimenting or trying things a different way from what you’re used to.

What musical and non-musical inspiration do you allow to speak into your music?

My music is mostly inspired by my own life. That’s why my style jumps around a bit. Life isn’t so simple that I’ll always be feeling a certain way or experiencing the same things. It allows me to express what’s real to me at any given time.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have applied to your artistic career?

I didn’t receive the advice in these exact words but genuinely being yourself is the most important thing I’ve learned and heard from others. People don’t want to hear you trying to be someone you’re not. They want to hear your story and understand more about you.

What's next for you?

More music and videos are what’s next for me. I’m not sure if I will drop a project any time soon, but it’s definitely not off the table. I just want to release content and give people something that’ll hopefully impact them the way the music I listened to growing up did.


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