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Dom Jones and The Chop Bandit Deliver a Refreshing New Track

Hailing from Oakland, CA, artist, and creative entrepreneur, Dom Jones comes to us with the talents of producer, drummer, and musical director The Chop Bandit in a vibrant collaboration for all.

Weaving her passion for music, media, and social justice through various projects, Dom Jones has been recognized for various accolades throughout her artistic career. While in Houston, TX, The Chop Bandit shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to play with notable names such as Victor Wooten, David Fiuczynski, Yazhi Guo, Doobie Powell, and Mike Stern.

Coming together to bring their listeners an excess of magnetism, the freshly released “Friend In Me,” has us hanging onto the optimism the world needs. Swimming in nostalgic seas of luscious timbres, we’re greeted with a medley of rhythm that supports the soul-infused words spilling from this musical canvas.

The upbeat grooves are contagious with how they bounce within your mind and smoothly transition through complex progressions that truly instill a sense of fluency in the notes performed. Dom Jones and The Chop Bandit have a brilliant way of working with one another in order to propel an urgent sense of energy through brightly illuminating hues. “Friend In Me,” reflects on those warm moments you share with friends throughout the duration of your relationship.

With lyrical motifs such as, ‘No matter what, we ride for the crew,’ we know the exact feeling that’s shared between those friends who will never leave your side, and the longer that this record takes over your speakers, you’re a witness to the flourishing buoyancy that is demonstrated in both the instrumentation and opulent croons. Reminding us that there is still a transcending amount of good vibrations that flutter within the realm of effervescent tunes, “Friend In Me,” takes us to exactly where we need to be.

We must thank you for releasing such a bright and meaningful single like "Friend in Me." What inspired you to create a song based on our closest relationships and confiding in them when in need?

DJ - When I started writing this song, I thought about the kind of friend I've tried to be to others. The concept of friendship changes and matures at different points in life, and so even though the track is super fun, I also wanted to illustrate in the lyrics that true friendship isn't just about who you party with, it's about who sticks around when the party isn't happening or when life gets really challenging. So yeah, it's for the party, but it's also for those times when someone may need a "pick me up." What drew you to the production stylings of The Chop Bandit to collaborate with on your latest single, "Friend in Me?" What was your collaborative experience like?

DJ - I met The Chop Bandit in college at Berklee as a really talented drummer, and that's the capacity in which we've worked for a long time. When he started exploring the production side more, I thought he had an interesting sound and let him know that I'd be open to collaborating in that capacity as well. It's been great to see him growing as a producer and sharing musical ideas in a new way. TCP - Dom and I had worked together for a while in a performance capacity but recently started to explore the production side together. There were a few adjustments, but luckily, the chemistry from performing together drifted over and made the process pretty smooth. Regarding The Chop Bandit's groovy production within "Friend in Me," what inspired the funky, uplifting, and soulful sonic atmosphere? What sort of vibe were you looking to achieve?

TCP - Honestly when I first got the bass line together, my mind was all over the place but I knew I wanted it to have a house bounce but groovy. Once I made that decision, I thought about my favorite artists in that sense, and Kaytranada, Exmag, and MXXWLL came to mind. From there It was about the vibe. I wanted the groove to be something you could enjoy while you’re driving in the car alone, but at the same time, still, dance and have fun with friends at a party.

DJ - As far as melody and lyrics, I really wanted the music to have a sense of authenticity and the hook to be a fun, affirming, sing-along moment. Everyone wants to feel that there is at least one person in the world who will show up in times of joy and sorrow. For those who feel like they're still looking for their tribe, let the song be the soundtrack to that search. Music has been a great friend to me, and I hope people feel that in this song.

Is this your first time working with The Chop Bandit? Seeing that "Friend in Me" is a bop and a half, might you work together on your future releases?

DJ - The Chop Bandit has played drums on a lot of my previous releases, but this is the first release that he produced for me, which is an exciting moment for both of us.

TCP - Most definitely! We’ve already started working on a couple of different projects so be on the lookout.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next?

DJ - THE REMIXES! "Friend In Me" is gonna have some exciting musical moments throughout the rest of 2021. I've teamed up with incredible producers from around the world to really give listeners different experiences with the song. I'm pumped to share those and to engage with my online (and hopefully in person) audiences to dig into the conversation of what friendship means to all of us more.

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