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Dominic DeLaney’s Sophomore Album Is Here “For Life”

Blazing his way through the scene from Lake Worth, Florida, is a singer-songwriter and alternative-punk recording artist Dominic DeLaney with his expressive sophomore album, For Life.

Dominic DeLaney's broad musical style comprises sounds of punk, alternative, and a dash of acoustic alongside folk-like storytelling. It's expansive, to say the least, and fans from Chicago to Denver have all raved about the recording artist's thrilling live performances and ability to keep the audience engaged.

Bringing that same energy and grit is Dominic DeLaney's latest 10-track album entitled For Life, a gripping and relatable tale that takes us into the Florida-based artist's deepest emotions.

The album begins with the soft and sweet intro track, "Intro," brightly opening with Dominic DeLaney's gentle acoustic guitar and his playful vocal melodies. There's a wholesome DIY feel to this song, almost as if it was recorded on a cellphone. If anything, it opens the record on a deeply personal note while Dominic DeLaney invites us to the show that dissects his many highs and lows.

Moving into the album's second and title track, "For Life," Dominic DeLaney kicks things up a notch with his alternative-rock instrumentals alongside his expressive punk-esque vocals. This foot stomper of a track sees Dominic DeLaney recalling past mistakes and trying to shake them off while his scorching hot instrumentals blaze through the track with bursts of infectious energy.

The album's third track, "Hopeless," maintains that same energy while shifting into a more melodic alternative sound. Dominic DeLaney's raspy and robust vocals keep the spirit alive while he sings of wandering the streets in search of a source of life and energy. It's an incredibly emotional yet stimulating song that's reminiscent of the attitude and angst of Blink-182.

Onto the fourth track, "Haunted Halls," Dominic DeLaney also released an accompanying music video that sees him sitting within an old house's haunted walls, strumming his guitar and expressing his many efforts to stay afloat. Although DeLaney's lyrics are profoundly emotional, there's an upbeat vibe to both the song and music video, thanks to warm background vocals, lively instrumentals, and his natural charisma.

Reaching the album's fifth song and the halfway point, "Anything/Anyway," Dominic DeLaney takes us into an ear-pleasing and soul-soothing alternative-rock instrumental that drifts into the mellow first verse. His relatable lyrics about the starving artist and their many efforts to make their dreams a reality help listeners get to know Dominic DeLaney on a much deeper level.

Diving into track number six, "Fuck Florida," we can already tell this song will be a blazing anthem full of angst and emotion about DeLaney's time in the sunshine state. He effortlessly intertwines his life experiences into the album, and this cathartic track is no exception. It's a solid addition to the album's concept and showcases another personal aspect of the Florida-based artist.

Slowing things down is track number seven, "The Drown," which greets our ears with melancholy acoustic guitar picking and Dominic DeLaney's distinct, soft vocals. While he begins vocalizing the sensations of "The Drown" and feeling down and out, DeLaney locks in the listener's attention with his many instrumental transitions and engaging performance stylings. This gripping banger is another cathartic experience we highly recommend.

Kicking things into gear on the eighth track, "Absent Friends," Dominic DeLaney throws us into a beaming and brilliant punk-rock atmosphere with punchy drums, vibrant electric guitars, and his powerful vocals. Dominic DeLaney's introspective lyrics grab the listener with all the emotion and passion we could ask for while reminding us that it's okay not to be okay. This stellar single is perhaps one of our favorite tracks on the album.

Reaching track number nine, "Borders," Dominic DeLaney keeps the energy high and mighty while his punchy rock instrumentals blaze into the first verse. This adrenaline-packed single serves up a hot plate of energy and emotion, something we're quite familiar with after such a dynamic, jam-packed album. This is another kickass track that doesn't beat around the bushes but hits you over the head with life's harsh realities and battles.

Hitting play on the album's final and tenth track, "Anything/Anyway (Alternate)," Dominic DeLaney dives into a different rendition of the project's fifth track. If there's anything we admire about Dominic DeLaney, it's his dedication to remaining adventurous and explorative as an artist, and this outro track is no exception. It helps listeners understand his complex creative process and his many ideas about which direction to take a song.

If you're looking for a dynamic, gripping, and emotional listening experience that you'll never forget, don't miss out on Dominic DeLaney's hearty sophomore album, For Life, available on all digital streaming platforms on September 16.


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