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Dominick James Confirms He's the Next Pennsylvania-bred Songster with Release of "Roses"

The last time the world got to experience Dominick James's kaleidoscopic Pop songs was five months ago—when the PA-based pop phenomenon evaporated into the scene from thin air, dropping "Doubt It," a single with a distinguishing contemporary feel that still stanchions as unparalleled, in the process. That is until he released another cherubic and up-beat pop single titled, "Roses," featuring the New York-bred Rhymester Jayomega for an earth scorching verse that festoons the center of this instant radio classic with a well-defined touch.

With a saturated and fat-rounded synth articulating as the bass, and the thick whack of a crunched-up snare, "Roses" mid-tempo cadence slowly develops into one of those soundtracks to life that stubbornly stays glued to your memory a little past its intended half-life.

Over the cheeky snappy of percussive bells, and 80s reflecting tom-tom fills flirting with finger snaps, and tambourines amongst twinkling pads that resonate throughout the playback, Dominick oozes over his meticulously crafted top-line with nonchalant ease, "I'm not doing all the little things, that made you fall in love, again." 

It's a heart-broken narrative amid an upbeat contemporary production—that somehow feels timeless—festooned with a soothing vocal inflection that could melt any lousy day away.

As the Pennsylvania home-wrecker charms over bells and whistles with every transitioning corner marking his carbonated aggrievement, punctuating his croons with resounding harmonies that supercharge the air, Jayomega pops-off at the apex of it all for a champagne-bursting finish. 

Looking back, the deep-rooted adhesion behind every twinkle, flash, and spark of Dominick James's "Roses" shouldn't come as a surprise by now. With fifteen years of music-making experience behind him, three singles on Soundcloud oozing with a plethora of viscous pop-flushed feel-good vibes, and an ethos that can only be described as selfless, Dominick sets himself up for success on his musical path and trajectory—and it doesn't look like he'll detour anytime soon.

Listen to "Roses" here.

Hello Dominick and welcome to BuzzMusic. How did you manage to get Jayomega on the Verse for "Roses," and what was it like working with him?

We’ve actually known each other for years, I’ve produced for him in the past and we’re family, that’s my brother. Working with him on this song was incredible, I sent him a text with the idea and he had the verse done right away. Go check him out, he’s one of the best hip hop artists out there. Seriously.

Can you tell us about the conceptualization behind "Roses"? Where did the sonic journey start for you? In a DAW, over a Piano, or with a simple lyrical concept in mind?

I actually wrote this on an acoustic guitar, that’s how most of my songs manifest themselves. I was messing around and came up with the “if you want roses, go buy them yourself” line. Once I had that I produced it out, added all of the “ear candy” and bingo. It came together within a couple of hours! As for the concept, it came from a place of frustration. I was in a relationship that was very back and forth and ultimately I thought it wasn’t going to work out, but when I ran into her again I knew we had to rekindle it somehow. I told myself I definitely wasn’t going to do all the little things to make her fall in love again though. (Side note: I did.)

How do you usually channel the emotions that fuel the enamoring vocal performances behind "Roses" and your previous singles? 

All of my lyrics come from things I’ve experienced in my life. I just bring myself to that place and remember how I felt at that moment. Other than that, I just have fun with it. 

If you could give a few words that would act as a Prologue for the experience your audience can come to expect while listening to "Roses," what would you say? 

This is a song you can listen to at any time, any place, during any activity and it’ll fit the mood. If you want to dance, you can definitely bop to it. If you want to lay back on the couch and sip some wine to it, you can do that too!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? 

My friends, my family, and peanut butter M&m’s. This year has been crazy for sure, but this quarantine actually put a lot in perspective for me and helped me sort out my goals.  



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