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Dominique Gorley Captures a "Fearless" Message on Latest Single

Making waves from Ottawa, Canada, French-Canadian R&B/Soul songstress Dominique Gorley has cemented her place in the music industry through a wide range of vocal melodies and charismatic appeal. Taking it upon herself to release the heartfelt contents of her five-track EP, ‘Fearless,’ one single at a time, Dominique Gorley has returned with the third single showcased on the project; the title track, “Fearless,” co-written by endowed songwriter, Curtis Gero. In a music culture governed by the release of singles, her unique approach allows each record to have its own well-deserved spotlight as we eagerly await what is next to come.

A tantalizing quintessence immerses your headphones as “Fearless” hones in on a prevalent meaning that acts as a prompt to her audience as she states you are, in fact, fearless and stronger than any bad habits that you hold. This striking ballad has you falling deep into the atmospheric realm of unalloyed bliss. Recorded by technical architect Quest and featuring melodious elements from multi-talented guitarist, composer, and music educator Sean Duhaime, as well as the production components of the beat crafted by Ottawa bass player and session musician Caylan Penny, the graceful ease of the composition, have you feeling starry-eyed and empowered as the divine spirit that Dominique Gorley owns drenches this masterpiece in an opulent radiance.

Encompassing all hallmarks of a hit song in the empire of nostalgic R&B meets Soul, the mesmerizing grooves dip into the swift abundance of a confident ambiance that is accompanied by prosperous guitar chords and soothing production components. Making it her mission to have her audience relate to her on a first-hand basis, Dominique Gorley drives home her undeniable talents and euphonious timbres that have her shining bright on a top tier level. Conveying positive energy and a surge of self-assurance, we feel the real passion that Dominique Gorley flawlessly carries within herself.

Congratulations on the release of your third single and title track off of your EP, ‘Fearless.’ Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when fashioning, “Fearless?" Thank you so much! It has been an exciting couple of months. When I started writing Fearless, I initially wanted to write it about someone. No one in particular - just anyone who had conquered a battle they had been fighting in their personal life. But when I was coming up with lyrics, I kept singing them in the first person. Just like anyone else, I’ve fought my own battles and I also need a reminder when times get hard, that I got this, that I’m fearless. I also thought that when others would sing this song, they could relate to it more if it were in the first person; it would be more powerful. The hook got stuck in my head for a few months before I even wrote a verse. I thought to myself, this is catchy, this song could be an anthem and a reminder to oneself that we are more powerful than we think. That we can achieve anything with a fearless mindset. I wrote the first verse, the pre-hook, and a bridge. However, I struggled with the second verse. Then I met Curtis - it was meant to be. We work so well together. Sometimes I have a hard time getting my thoughts and ideas on paper, but Curtis helps me get my point across. You were able to work with numerous people on this release to give it the sound it deserves, what was it like working with the various talents that you did? This song is my first co-writing experience on a solo piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, we have written more music together. It is also my first time creating with Caylon Penny. I met him through Sean Duhaime and we played a live show together – he is a talented and creative young man and I am honored to have worked with him. Working with Sean is always a walk in the park – we feed off each other's vibe. He plays his guitar with a passion and always comes up with ingenious ideas to share during the creative process. With Quest and I, It’s effortless. This is the 3rd project we release together and it won’t be the last. He’s family. With two more songs yet to be released, what do your listeners have in store with the overall feel and messages in the EP, ‘Fearless?' My listeners have a lot more soul coming their way. This project has been a soundscape of my life’s journal and realizations. I have poured my heart out in hopes that many can relate and can turn to my music to help them through hard times. How have you grown as an artist from the start of 2020 to now? Any words of wisdom for your listeners? I have become a completely different person this year. My mindset has grown and matured. I truly found my sound as an artist and every day I wake up more inspired. I’ve stopped waiting for things to happen. I make them happen myself; I am much more independent. I believe there is positive in most negative situations and that is what I am focusing my energy on. If you love something and it makes you happy, go get it. Never stop. The only competition you have is yourself so keep reaching for the stars and soon you’ll be flying by them. 2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

This year has not been easy for anyone but being forced to stay home in lockdown has helped me find myself again. It's so easy to get distracted in this world and lose track of your life and goals. I find the time at home, in solitude, has helped me evolve. My advice to others is to stop scrolling through social media, comparing yourself to others. You are unique and incomparable. The only thing you should worry about is your own growth. Don’t worry about what he or she is doing, wearing, or saying – do you. Staying busy and disciplined can be hard sometimes, and social media is like a black hole that can easily suck you in. Be sure to take breaks from all platforms for your mental health. You got this. You are FEARLESS!



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