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Dominique Gorley's New Single "Hennessy" Has Us Navigating Through Darkness

There’s pure beauty from the passionate timbres of soul music. Canadian vocalist Dominique Gorley manages to execute this flawlessly with the release of her captivating new single, “Hennessy.”

Utilizing her fierce confidence to expose emotion-filled stories, Dominique Gorley is known for the intimate soundscapes she brings to fruition. In a musical universe custom to her, Dominique Gorley exemplifies a Jazz infused panache that graces the realm of Contemporary R&B.

As soon as we press play on the melismatic essence of “Hennessy,” the soothing instrumentation courtesy of Gatineau-Ottawa’s multifaceted producer Quest immediately whisks us into the presence of powerful lyrical motifs performed by the up-and-coming starlet.

Dominique Gorley’s storytelling is elevated as each word she speaks into existence casts picturesque imagery in our minds that reflects on finding yourself in a dark place while being unable to remove yourself from the environment. Touching on such a potent concept, her smooth and melismatic croons grace our ears in a way that ignites the sparkle and authenticity in her tonal distinction.

Showcasing her wide vocal range in a way that opens us to teasers of her capabilities, Dominique Gorley allows listeners to feel the music deep within themselves as she immerses us in a poignant concept we can all relate to. Bringing awareness to the hopelessness that comes from questioning your worth and values, Dominique Grorley takes our focus to the forefront of these emotions as she taps into the darkness within herself to portray such a meaningful message.

We’ve been fans of this emerging artist since we heard her 2021 E.P “Fearless,” and with the momentum she carries out, we know Dominique Gorley will serve up a sentimental ballad in everything she does moving forward.

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