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Don't Be Afraid of Big Badd Wolf as he Simmers His Audience in Enting Soundscapes

Emerging artist Big Badd Wolf is based out of Arlington, Texas, where he thrives as a singer and lyricist. With his main influences stemming from the genre of R&B, he has a wide range of music that has piqued his interest over the years from, Conway Twitty to Maroon 5 inspiring his solidified foundation of musical influences.

Making melodies that he hopes can act as a live soundtrack to his audience, Big Badd Wolf is hooked on the way that music plays such a large role in all of our lives.

Fresh off of the release from the charisma he taps into with his most recent album, ‘Careless Whispers,’ Big Badd Wolf fuses together numerous musical components in order to place forth a full body of work that reflects his eclectic panache.

Big Badd Wolf allows listeners to feast on three lead singles from this album.

Beginning with “Cry Wolf,” the introductory single off of ‘Careless Whispers,’ you’re immediately immersed in inimitable energy that you fully expect from the passion-fueled atmosphere that Big Badd Wolf’s artistry resides.

Swaying between a mixture of singing and rapping that falls on a modern-day spectrum of the enticing sound that the genre of Hip-hop delivers, Big Badd Wolf fits seamlessly into the pocket of grippingly raw prevalence that takes over your entire being. This is the vigor that sets the tempo for what we’re about to be exposed to on ‘Careless Whispers.’

Simmering in a universe that is doused in amplified energetic offerings, we also get to see a side of Big Badd Wolf that exposes us to the vulnerable tenors that he faces as an artist speaking from a place of emotion.

Carefully placing each of his lead singles at impeccably enlisted coordinates on this album, “Conversations,” falls in the middle of the 15 tracks conveyed as Big Badd Wolf looks to have listeners explore a seemingly vulnerable showcase of his emotions.

By placing himself on display, we notice that this emotional connection only brings his fan base closer to the emerging artist. Dripping in lyrical motifs that have you tapping into his cognizant thoughts, we experience a relevant showcase of missing someone who is no longer around.

A feeling all too familiar. We’re thrilled to be exposed to this side of the artist as he lets his guard down, and wears his heart on his sleeve. “Never One,” takes us into a buoyant fusion that combines the best of both worlds for Big Badd Wolf.

Being placed as the final song on the tracklist, we can’t help but feel the closure jump out of the speakers as we turn up the volume and bask in the triumph filling the air. “I should let it go, but I love you more than words,” is the striking lyric that has our minds trailing the acquainted paths we have all toured at one point in our life.

The infectious grooves that pair with the lyricism displayed have us on an endorphin rush as we sink our teeth into each well-lit experience that Big Badd Wolf conveys to us in an authentic fashion. With 15 songs showcased on this body of work, we’re fully enthralled with the dynamism that Big Badd Wolf portrays in his versatility as he continues to establish his name.

Congratulations on the release of your album, ‘Careless Whispers.’ What inspired the title of this album as well as the overall concept that fans can hear on it?

Hello, BuzzMusic! Thank y'all so much for having me, and for the kind words! When it comes to the album title the first, and easiest answer is of course "Careless Whisper" by George Michael. It's one of the many tracks my parents played throughout my childhood that's left a lasting impression on me. There's so much story there, so much potential, and intrigue all in the span of a five-minute track. I wanted to honor that by taking elements of my personal story, and combining it with my interpretation of the meaning behind the phrase "careless whispers" itself all while diving deeper into the emotions conjured by George Michael.

How long did it take you to write and release this body of work? With 15 songs on the tracklist, we can only imagine it was a lengthy process!

If memory serves me right, I believe it took around a year to complete. I'm very fortunate to get to work with some talented people that make the whole process a lot smoother. I record at Banger Boy Studio with James "Gangsta Gutta" Kline, who has been providing guidance, as well as creating an atmosphere that feels like home at the studio. On the other end of the process is Lani Christ. An artist, engineer, and producer out of the DMV area. He masters all my tracks and has been able to really help craft the "BigBadd Wollf" sound. So, I have a lot of help keeping this machine running, and consistent.

Out of the three lead singles that you allow listeners to dive into, do you have a specific one that resonates with you more than others? Why?

Yes! The track I have the deepest connection to is "Conversations". It allowed me to express myself regarding something I deal with personally. Lyrically, it's probably the rawest song on the whole album. In the end, I appreciate each song for its differences, but "Conversations" is special.

We love the production components of each song! Who did you work with in order to develop the desired sound of this project?

Frenzy Frenchy is the man who composed all the tracks on the album. Several years ago I ran into Frenzy Frenchy on Instagram. He's a brilliant producer out of London, and I wrote several projects with his work over the years. "Careless Whispers" as an album was initially part two of a three-part set.

How does ‘Careless Whispers,’ hold up to other bodies of work that you have released?

It's really the first body of work that I've officially released. I threw some amateur mixtapes up on SoundCloud back in the day, and I've dropped several singles, but this is my first official project. It's so special to me! Of course, I listen and hear things I would do differently now, but it's genuinely the best representation of me as an artist at that moment.



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