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Don't Be Quick to Judge Pop Sensation aryy

Currently residing in Los Angeles, but spending her childhood in São Paulo dancing to her father’s record collection and becoming acquainted with the guitar, Ariel Mancanares, professionally known as aryy, ignited a passion for music that she couldn’t seem to shake.

Now, instilling her listeners with an intriguing sense of her fierce persona, the five-foot-tall artist proves why she shouldn’t be underestimated. “softie with anger issues,” has aryy delving into bubbly instrumentation that matches the integrity of her confident vocalization.

As we dip into the buoyancy that surrounds this intoxicating realm, there are enticing elements that bring the entire concept to fruition. Speaking from a place of personal experience, she manages to take us into a world of her own as we can relate to the narrative firsthand. With a sparkle in her vocal performance, the dazzling timbres that hail from the vessel of aryy’s pure emotion depict vivid imagery that infiltrates our mind.

She radiates a delicate sense of ease, all while the lyrics that she performs say something completely different to the nature in which she lives her life. As we submerge ourselves into these infectious grooves and lyrical motifs such as, ‘But don’t think me a fool, ‘Cuz you know I can be cruel,’ aryy has us fully engaged with the idea of knowing her on a deeper, more intimate level of authenticity.

Proving that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, aryy is a force to be reckoned with as she emits her “softie with anger issues,” mentality.

Hello aryy, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Being able to relate to this single, the entire premise of “softie with anger issues,” has us completely hooked on your artistry! What was the moment or story that inspired you to create such a brilliant song?

So basically, I'm 5' tall, soft and cheerful personality and people tend to perceive me as not threatening and often don't take me seriously, but they fail to see that I have anger issues and though I look soft, I should not be messed with. I used to fight boys in school when I was a kid and I was a rebellious teenager, and now I still have this part of me inside me but I make cute ukulele songs, so "softie with anger issues" is basically about this duality within myself, a cute and soft song that talks about how I would light a house on fire if need be. Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process that you endured when bringing this vision to life?

I love the contrast between sad or angry lyrics with a cute and cheerful sound, and I wanted to bring that out for this song, saying in the cute soft way I'm perceived that I will not take any more shit. This is my first song that's out so far that isn't on the ukulele and it was super cool to try something new and mess around on the electric guitar for this one with a different production approach. How do you handle the issues that you address in this song? What are some words of advice that you have to offer anyone else in a similar situation?

This is actually something I deal with every day on social media, every time I say a cuss word or if I am angry about anything, like being harassed online on every platform I use, people tend to comment "oh, she's so cute when she's angry" or "relax, don't pay attention to that" and that pisses me off even more, cuz I'm not trying to be cute, I'm standing up for myself and I never claimed to be a little angel so I'd like to stop being perceived in that way and not be put on a pedestal. I think what I could say for people in the same situation is I hear you, I feel you, and your feelings are valid.

We’re thrilled to hear about your new project to grace our presence! Could you please tell us a bit about your forthcoming EP set to be released later this year?

Thank you very much! I am super excited for this new era, I'm trying out some different production methods for what's to come and I'm so in love with everything and I can't wait to share it with the world. Can't share much information on it yet, but get ready, I'm really proud of it.


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