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Don’t Crumble Under The “Avalanche” Of Life

Known for their powerful presence and intoxicating tunes, it's no wonder why Detroit's Van Go Go has seen over 3.5 million plays on music streaming platforms. Making audience connection a staple of their mission, Van Go Go intends to drive this home with their latest single, "Avalanche."

Pushing their own envelope and embodying a 60s folk-rock sound, we admire the wholehearted energy pouring from Van Go Go's "Avalanche." Our speakers are immediately filled with lush acoustic strums, intentional percussion and a warm bassline that acts as the therapeutic framework for Nathan Mackinder's raw and wistful croons to rest upon.

Taking a minimalistic approach to the song's overall format truly enhances the song's tame nature and poignant messaging as we indulge in the heart of this mid-tempo ballad.

Oozing with nods of classic rock and unadorned passion, there's a rich message spearheading our speakers underneath the avalanche. "Avalanche" touches each of our souls as the genuine lyrics reiterate the act of trying to do the right things when times get tough. A theme that everyone can relate to, Van Go Go emphasizes this message and unravels its authenticity through trials and tribulations that can consume you. Honing in on elements that may not always be present in a Van Go Go composition, you hear the brilliance of flutist Carrie Wiesinger grace the instrumentation in an impactful manner.

Nathan MacKinder has stated, "I wanted the song to be a poignant reminder of what we all went through [during the pandemic], but also have a positive and uplifting message that we will all be alright."

Comprised of Nathan Mackinder (vocals and guitar), Jason Schaller (guitar), Paxton Olney (bass) and Jonah Brockman (drums), Van Go Go dubs this song "Avalanche" with the well-known irony that a record number of people have passed away in the unsuspecting, snowy natural disaster. Leaving listeners with a thought-provoking reminder that if you're not careful, you could get buried in something equally as unwary.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Van Go Go. We love the brilliant concept and arrangement of your latest single, "Avalanche." With inspiration from the pandemic - how long have you been sitting with this gem of a song? How does it feel to now have it released?

Thank you! Yes, it feels like shedding some unwanted weight after finally releasing this song. I started on this in the early days of lockdown in 2020 and didn’t have the lyrics, so it got shelved. A year later, entering lockdown again, I drew inspiration from all that went on that year, and the songs came out in a few minutes. We performed it live “zoom style” during our online record release.

The tempting approach brings in nostalgic waves of classic rock through our speakers. What was it like tapping into this place in your mind to create such an elusive record?

We are all huge fans of classic rock, so tapping into this style comes naturally for the group. And with the subject being a bit heavy, It seemed like a fitting stylistic approach. I wanted to encapsulate the dark, depressing winter of the Midwest against the backdrop of the pandemic. I read that people were dying in Avalanches at record numbers that year and the metaphor seemed too obvious to pass up. I don’t think the song alienates itself from crises like earthquakes, mass shootings, or personal tragedies. The message is that if you do your best to stay on the right side of things and keep your friends and family close, you will get through it. A message like that seems fitting as a classic-style ballad we all grew up listening to.

What a beautiful idea to bring Carrie Wiesinger's talents to "Avalanche." What was it like working with her to craft such a striking soundscape?

Any time you get to add someone as talented as Carrie to your song, you jump at the opportunity. She is one of the masters of her instrument around, and we were honoured to have her on this track. The flute is often considered a sad-sounding instrument, but I also think it's uplifting in a primary key. It also walks that line, precisely what our song does, so It seemed like a perfect fit.

Getting prepared for your next album by recording a handful of demos - what sounds can we expect to hear from you next?

We are still exploring the new wave sounds with some new tracks. We even have a throwback cover that will bring our sound together and a synopsis of VGG for new listeners. Being independent artists, we aren’t pigeonholed into a particular genre. But I still think we have a focus and specific goal of what we want to present as a group.

What are you most excited about in 2023?

We look forward to playing some upcoming live shows in Michigan and Florida. Getting us all together in the same place simultaneously has been challenging. I treasure those moments when we perform together with an audience. And getting a 2nd album completed and promoting it will be the year's highlight. We have so many songs we are excited to meet and share. We also have a song coming out in a Netflix feature this year which we will announce around its release. It will be exciting to see how that goes and the potential new audience it will bring.

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