Don't Get Tied Down to a "Dangerous Place"

Montreal-born singer-songwriter Tiffany Devonish began singing across Canada at the tender age of five.

Currently residing in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, she taps into her inspirations such as Beyoncé, Jojo, and Tori Kelly, as she portrays her unique stylings. Exploring many styles of music including Pop as well as both classic and contemporary R&B, one thing remains the same, her soulful voice and youthful sound, doused in Tiffany Devonish’s authenticity.

The divine essence of her most recent single “Dangerous Place,” has us copiously absorbed in the dark R&B soundscape that Tiffany Devonish has chosen to embark on in this particular soundscape. The melismatic universe that jolts us towards a broad spectrum of angelic timbres gently pulls us into the overall concept of this record the moment it introduces itself to us.

“Dangerous Place,” has an intriguing mystery weaved throughout the harmonious flow gracing our ears. Tiffany Devonish is both entrancing and relatable, as the spellbinding waves of her voice bring the lyrical motifs to life. She has a knack for creating larger-than-life imagery to match the colossal impact her golden croons have; such as, ‘Aggressively passive, hardly reactive. I’m guarded when I’m around you,’ allow the message she conveys to be all too familiar when looking to place your trust within someone who holds your heart. The best thing you can do for yourself comes to the realization that they may not be good for you; or in the case of Tiffany Devonish, make a bolstering ballad about it and warn the rest of us.

Genuinely permitting herself to get vulnerable with her audience, we will gladly take note of the red flags, and put Tiffany Devonish’s “Dangerous Place,” on repeat.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tiffany Devonish. We love your new release, “Dangerous Place.” In your own words, what does this song mean to you? Where did you obtain the inspiration for its creation? Thank you for having me! This song means so much to me. I feel like I’m finding myself more and more as an artist and I think this song represents that. This song is also very personal, as I wrote it about a situation I was in at the time. My favorite part about songwriting is drawing inspiration from real-life experiences and working through those feelings artistically. I was able to use this song to fully process the situation and work through it. This song will always be a reminder of my own personal growth and I hope that anyone who listens to it feels the same. What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this masterpiece? I'm hoping that my audience can feel the authenticity behind my lyrics, and be able to relate to the song in their own way. The most exciting part about sharing your music is seeing how other people relate the lyrics to their own experiences. I think we’ve all been with someone and it was risky or dangerous for whatever reason. I hope that the audience can use this song to encourage their own growth in situations that are difficult.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life? Did anyone assist you in making the vision of this song come through the way you pictured? My songwriting process starts far before I actually sit down to write. I write from real-life experiences and make sure to journal or make voice notes of how I’m feeling so that I have something to refer back to while I’m writing. During a writing session, I then pull from those notes to remind myself of what I was experiencing and how I really felt. I’m really lucky to work with very talented beat makers and producers who help me bring my vision to life. Touching on the subject matter of this song, how does it feel to have it released into the public? Does it feel as if a weight is lifted off of your shoulders? I was nervous to share this single because it’s so personal, but seeing everyone’s reaction has calmed my nerves quite a bit. It’s always such an anxiety-inducing thing, to create a song based on personal moments in your life, but releasing this song has made me realize that as a creator it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and just put yourself out there. Art is meant to be interpreted, critiqued, and experienced by the audience and I think this subjective nature should be celebrated and not feared.

What's next for you? I’m so excited to share what I’ve been working on. I’ve been writing consistently over the past year and have created my favorite work to date. I’ll be releasing those singles soon, and hopefully, release my EP shortly after that.