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"Don't Leave Me Hanging" by Australian Artist Acizm Will Leave You Feeling Reminiscent

Australian Hip-Hop artist Acizm is the kind of artist that isn't afraid to use his platform as a means of communicating difficult life lessons.

Acizm definitely has confidence when it comes to speaking his truth, and this kind of quality to him as a music artist is something that effortlessly shines through his music. You can feel the authenticity of Acizm pour off of his music, and this mainly stems from how thoughtful he is whilst composing each and every song he releases.

Acizm most definitely kept it real with his latest track, "Don't Leave Me Hanging", and showed listeners a sneak peek into his personal mind. 

"Don't Leave Me Hanging" immediately has a certain kind of innocence to it with the projected vocal performance at the beginning of the track. Once we're about 30 seconds in, Acizm's vocal outflow penetrates the track, but the innocent production is held consistent through the melodic piano rhythm.

Acizm keeps the tone light and reminiscent, but the actual narrative of the track is following along themes of betrayal, retraction, and self-realization. It's safe to say that Acizm offers stimulating topics within "Don't Leave Me Hanging", keeping the flow and energy of the track incredibly natural.

All in all, "Don't Leave Me Hanging" kept up a light-hearted vibe that amplified itself through the fast-paced wordplay of Acizm. 

How do you feel that the current music scene in Brisbane is helping to amplify and progress your current sound?

The music scene in Brisbane is extremely varied, within the Hip Hop community in particular. This has created a lot of opportunities to be experimental with sound and style and push the boundaries of what people may expect from a typical Brisbane artist.

"Don't Leave Me Hanging" felt very moving, and we believed this came from the skillful approach you took to the track. Can you delve further into the strategy behind "Don't Leave Me Hanging”?

“Don’t leave Me Hanging” was a close collaboration between myself and producer C-Lance and we created it with the intent of getting Evil from the start, I think this approach is important when working with another Artist and is evident in how well the song came together. Being a fan and regular listener of Evil Ebenezer's music I knew he would be perfect for the project and even with the flight restrictions due to COVID19, we made it work and both the song itself and the video ended up turning out great.

What was the ultimate reasoning for creating "Don't Leave Me Hanging”? How were you intending for your listeners to feel after listening to the song?

I wanted to capture that feeling of making mistakes at the moment while highlighting that, while we may regret it later we can’t simply make excuses for our actions. We all mess things up but at least own it and accept your part in it, that kind of thing.

Your third studio album is set to release soon, and we're wondering what listeners can expect to be different within this album compared to your last?

I would say depth and growth as an artist are the two big things this album offers above my previous release. The concepts and topics, the level of self-reflection and in particular the lyrical technique and songwriting in this one, I mean its all Acizm but just refined and more focused.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

This has been such a strange year that simply being creative and staying busy is what's keeping me inspired. I have found that writing and recording and producing has been helping to keep my mind away from the chaos outside and allowed me to work on myself and my art.


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