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Don't Look Back on "Yesterday," In Red Reign's New Single

The powerful quartet known as Red Reign is composed of Carlton ‘Bubba’ McMichael (vocals/guitar), Sammy Lee (drums), Larry Moore (bass), and Stevie Shred (guitar).

Combining their exclusive sounds and compelling nature, they’ve managed to turn heads with a melodic sound that is known to bury itself in your brain through the hard-hitting nature. Forming in the summer of 2013, Red Reign continues to rapidly grow its fan base through mind-blowing performances across the country; further winning the hearts of its audience.

Returning to the scene with their most recent, power-fueled anthem entitled “Yesterday,” we get the pleasure of tapping into the emotive origins of this record for ourselves. Commencing with the prominent impact of percussion and a surge of amplified guitar riffs, we know down to our core that this heavy-rock ballad will be leaving an imprint on us in a major way.

There’s a brilliance that shines through the musical foundation and the way that it’s arranged in order to let each instrument shine in its own respective manner. You’re never left questioning the integrity of Red Reign, and through a full-throttle performance that’s demonstrated in “Yesterday,” the beaming structure enhances the various components at hand.

Admiring the smoldering vocal performance that cascades over the rhythmic tempo punching through this soundscape, we’re left with what propels through our speakers as a hauntingly, truthful narrative that paints imagery of about a guy that finds out his wife has been lying about their relationship the whole time they were together and he is at end of his rope.

As we carefully channel our attention to the lyrical motifs professed, chills form down our spine as we appreciate the beautiful development that unfolds before us. In a collaborative effort with engineer Grant Rutledge, and super-producer Chuck Alkazian, we’re not surprised by just how remarkable this sonic voyage leaps towards us.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Red Reign. What a whirlwind of emotions that unfold as we dive into “Yesterday.” With such a forward tale that’s weaved into this record, what inspired the themes present?

Well, we have always written about relationships and the emotions that go with each member. This song is about the lows and moving on from Yesterday

Could you please share a glimpse of how Grant Rutledge and Chuck Alkazian helped to bring your vision to life? What was it like working with one another?

We have worked with Grant over the years. Grant understands our vision and what we try to accomplish so when we get in the studio it’s like having another member and ear so we can all accomplish the same goal. Then we sent the tracks to Chuck who put his signature mix and really brought out the instruments and makes the song drive even harder.

With a concert just wrapping up, what was it like performing “Yesterday” in front of a live audience? How was it received?

Playing "Yesterday" was a great feeling. It’s always a special moment when you can play a new original song for the first time and the audience just gets into it from the first note to the last.

If your fan base could take away a specific message, or reflect on a certain theme in this song, what would you want it to be?

The message is this, we just play good ole power Rock n Roll great time. Our job is to provide the best material and entertainment and I feel like we deliver that every time we get on stage. I think in today’s world, people just want to go to a show and have a great time and free their minds from the daily grind.


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