Don’t Miss “Can't Finesse Me” by Rif Raf The Great ft J. Dange

Long Beach, California is home to J. Dange, an up and coming rap artist and gifted lyricist that you need to know about. He challenges the limits of creativity in order to speak his truth through music and pours his soul into every release.

Most recently, J. Dange collaborated with Rif Raf to drop “Can’t Finesse Me”. J. Dange drives with a smooth sound and a conceptually self-aware writing style on this latest release. Both J. Dange and Rif Raf deliver with confidence and determination, adding in pace and grit but never so much so that it takes away from the fluidity of the music. In terms of character and being memorable, recognizable, the hook throughout “Can’t Finesse Me” definitely is. The upbeat flow and flawless, witty bars make “Can’t Finesse Me” unparalleled in today’s hip-hop scene. Getting a message across, effortlessly reciting perfect lyrics, and finding/creating beats to match is J. Dange’s specialty. I think that these guys are incredibly talented and skilled at connecting with fans. They write lyrics that speak to the listeners and music for anyone to vibe to. No stranger to success, this single “Can’t Finesse Me” is yet another big step in the right direction for J.Dange and Rif Raf.

Listen to “Can’t Finesse Me” here and read more with J.Dange below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic J.Dange! How did your collaboration with Rif Raf come to fruition? Can we expect to see more of you two together in the future? 

My brother-in-law was working on his project and wanted me to feature on a song with him. He recorded it at Rif-Raf’s studio which was the first time he heard me.  He wanted me to jump on a song after that for his upcoming project “Get Like Me.. Vol. 3”. So I did a collab with another artist Zoe Kidd out of Florida called “Drip” and it came out the fire! So Rif-Raf said he had another song he wanted me to hop on and that is what you are hearing in “Can’t Finesse Me”. So yes, more is to come with myself and Rif-Raf and you all will love it!