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Don't Miss Out on Our Exclusive Interview With Meg Doherty!

Hey Meg Doherty! Your album "Wrong Medicine" is incredible! We're completely captivated by your sound--you have such a strong and warming presence throughout your tracks. Can you tell us more about your intentions when you first began to curate your recent album?

Hey! Ah, thanks so much, I’m so pleased with the love for this album so far; I’m glad you guys like it! The first track I wrote for this album was ‘Ana’, which is quite a storytelling lyrically so from then I knew I wanted the album to have a theme. With what was going on in my life at the time, the theme became about a breakup and the songs came pouring out! I wanted to convey empowerment though, not just a weepy, heartbroken individual. I want people to listen, relate and think ‘although it seems bad now, I know I’ll come out the other side as a better version of myself!

You've had such a strong love and passion for music at such a young age! How do you think you and your music have grown since you first started writing, versus now?

Yeah, music has always been my true love! I tried to play my Dad’s guitar when I was six but it was far too big for me so I ended up taking a sitar approach to playing it. I’ve improved loads from then- I can actually hold my guitar properly now haha! It’s that same guitar (my Dad’s) I played on this album which I love. I think you listen to a wider variety of genres as you get older as well so that’s definitely helped me. I’ve mastered chords I never thought I’d be able to play through learning songs I love and it’s great to incorporate some of these into my own songwriting.

"Robin" is the perfect track to open up your recent album. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track?

This might seem random but I literally spotted a robin in someone’s backyard whilst I was trying to come up with a concept for my next song and it felt like I was in the opening scene of ‘Gladiator’, watching it fly away! I’m a huge Russell Crowe fan, so I loved incorporating that feeling into a song. A robin is such a nice metaphor for love, don’t you think?

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your sound/progression as an artist?

It’s hard to put that crown on just one person but I’d have to say my Dad I think. He used to be in a band and knowing that always inspired me as a kid. He taught me how to play guitar and his words of encouragement and advice always stick with me. Every time I’d play a demo when I was younger, I’d watch for his reaction before anyone else’s because I knew he’d tell me exactly what he thought and he’d tell me how to change each song to make it sound better. Even with this album, I played him the demo for ‘Robin’ to see if I was on the right track and he cried so I knew it was good! 

What are some of your ultimate goals as an artist? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

I’d love to tour with my music, which will require getting a band together. Ultimately, I want to play live more and that’s something I’m really working on at home in Liverpool. I’ve played more gigs this year than I ever have before so I’m heading in the right direction. The buzz from a crowd clapping along to my songs is unmatched in anything else I do! An ultimate goal would be to perform alongside the Indoor Garden Party (Alan Doyle, Russell Crowe, Scott Grimes & co)... maybe one day! 

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic Meg! Tell us more about what's next for you? Any shows in the near future?

Thank you, it’s been wonderful chatting to you guys again, always a pleasure! I’m playing in London again in December with a few friends so I’m really looking forward to that! It means practising Christmas songs before Halloween though which feels wrong! Last time we spoke I’d set a goal of playing Liverpool, London and Brighton by the end of the year so I’m booking myself in to play Brighton in December too. Aside from shows, I’ll be working on a video soon so watch this space... Can’t wait! 


Listen to Meg's latest single here, and catch up with Meg & her music through her socials below!


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