Don't Push the "Blame," with JAYNIE

Swedish Pop singer-songwriter JAYNIE can be heard taking musical influences from the sounds of the early 2000s to fashion her own playful sound.

Although she still keeps a somewhat darker self-examining sub-meaning to the songs created, the melodies and lyrics portrayed showcase her vulnerability and stubbornness when handling situations in life like insecurities, young love and disappointment.

If you’re looking for that over the top confidence bearing energy then JAYNIE is the alluring artist for you. Fresh off the release of her spirited, upbeat single, “Blame,” JAYNIE can be heard collaborating with the songwriting skillset of Simon Öbom in order to depict a larger-than-life sound encompassing her buoyant zealousness.

The jaunty instrumentation immediately pulls you into a whirlwind of vibrant conveyance as we dare you to sit still while taking in the bursting sonic expedition of “Blame.” As JAYNIE uses her eccentric persona to have her listeners floating in a starry-eyed universe custom to her, the prevailing vocalization she disburses is both sultry and prevalent.

“Blame” dances around the struggle of being too stubborn at times, especially when you’re with another person who tries to redefine the tenacious trait. Although the single dabbles in the in-depth meaning of strains on a relationship caused by stubbornness, the music itself has us immersed in a profuse ambiance of self-assured goodness. Maybe that’s just us tapping into our inner obduracy?

JAYNIE brings it home as she delves into a resilient performance from the moment the song commences to the moment it finalizes. Foreshadowing the themes of her forthcoming six-track EP, ‘Defenses,’ we love the bright light that illuminates the talents of JAYNIE in a charismatic manner.

Congratulations on the release of your upbeat anthem, “Blame.” We love the overall sound provided on this track! How did the inspiration come to you for your second single?

Thank you! I was coming from a place of feeling like I wasn’t being honest with myself and I had written a lot for other artists for a while so I kind of forgot my own dream and vision. I knew that I needed to start over and really find the inspiration I had when I first fell in love with writing. When we had our first session for my own project it came to me very quickly and it just felt right. One of the things about my personality is how stubborn I am and for a reason that just became the vibe of the song. It was fun and playful and I could be open and not take myself so seriously, which was very liberating.

How long did it take you to create and record “Blame”? What was it like working with Simon Öbom in order to capture the true sound of this song?

I contacted Simon that I had worked with one time before so I knew he was very talented. I really love his unique production style and how he’s such a great person to be around. It was done pretty fast because he came up with the guitar melody and beat right away. Then I sang some melodies into the microphone and the lyrics for the pre-chorus are almost the same as the final result so that’s when I knew what the song would be about.

We’re extremely excited to hear that you have a project in the works! What can you tell us about the themes touched on in your forthcoming EP, ’Defenses’?

That makes me happy! Well, there will be a total of six songs on the EP that are all written by me and Simon Öbom so they really go together through a clear theme. I chose the name Defenses because they all represent the reaction of protecting yourself from getting hurt in different scenarios and the constant confusion that comes with it. It wasn’t really intense at first, but then it just fell into place for me. I think I’ve always been a guarded person and sometimes afraid to share my inner thoughts and fears with people, but if you listen to all the songs you will really get to know me. You’ve heard more fun and upbeat songs so far, but I will also be touching on some darker subjects like anxiety and the emotions you go through when you lose a loved one.

How have you found yourself growing as an artist from your first release to this moment now?

I’m constantly trying to grow and the most important part for me is to get my music heard and hopefully people will relate to what I’m singing about. Since I’m doing this independently, it does take a lot of time and planning into everything and so I’m really happy that I’ve received so much love from everyone and it makes it all worth it.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I’m not gonna try to sugarcoat my words when I write, I want to show both the good and bad sides of my personality because no one is perfect and that’s important to embrace yourself. I’ve spent so much time trying to hide who I am and I would compare every inch of what I was doing. But the truth is no one knows what they’re doing either and to me, that’s comforting like we’re all in the same boat trying to figure out this weird world we’re living in.