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Don’t Try “Talking That Sh*t” To The Talented Zanique

At only 19 years old, Zanique has discovered and refined her unique sound. Raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Zanique and her father moved around quite a bit after Zanique’s mother sadly passed away when Zanique was only 2 years old. Her and her father finally settled on staying in Indiana. Her family runs thick with musical talents so it was no surprise that that Zanique grew up listening to inspiring soul and R&B tracks. As a child, she distinctly remembers hearing Aaliyah, Bilal, Robin Thicke, and many others. Since the age of 11, Zanique has been creating music, everything from writing to engineering the track. She didn’t build up the courage to show anyone her music until she was 18! An up and comer with many years of experience under her belt, Zanique is taking the music industry by storm.

Zanique’s new single “Talking That Sh*t” is a smooth R&B banger. Zanique’s vocals along with her flawless flow make her an artist to beat! She exudes confidence and femininity through my speakers. I’m in awe of her effortless ability to demand attention from her listeners. Her fans can vibe and relate to “Talking That Sh*t” because of it’s empowering theme. Zanique expresses her feelings with conviction and power throughout “Talking That Sh*t”. The song highlights the highs and lows of trying to get over a breakup and ultimately deciding the walk away from it. Zanique is brilliantly vulnerable and allows her fans to get to know her on a deeper level. I highly recommend you check out “Talking That Sh*t” and stay on the lookout for Zanique!

Listen to “Talking That Sh*t” here. Read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Zanique! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself and how you made the decision to get your music out there?

I’m a really quiet to myself type of person so for a long time only my family knew and I would never really sing around them. When I went off to college I had been in my room one night watching the Grammys. After sza lost Best new artist to Alessia cara I decided to start writing again. I was upset, I was disappointed and it sparked a flame. The rest of the semester I was writing every night after that. Working on my sound recording but not releasing. So when I came home from school for the summer I recorded my first song and something gave me the courage to send it to my friend. She told me to put it out immediately and the response was great so I continued.

What’s the music scene like in Indiana?

It’s a lot of talented versatile artist in the city. But it’s not really a music scene it’s not like Dallas or Atlanta. Everybody does their own thing but we forget to support each other like some of the big cities.

In your opinion, what impact should “Talking That Sh*t” have on the listener?

Talking that sh*t is the type of song that makes somebody realize their situation and their worth. It's relatable. It’s so many people that deal with that situation. I just want people to feel that sh*t really feel it.

What are some challenges you’ve faced as a new artist? How do you overcome those challenges?

As a new artist sometimes I’m discouraged by the lack of resources. That alone kills my motivation sometimes. But knowing where this could go I keep going. Also being from Indianapolis and being a new artist it’s harder But I think good music will make it’s way around the world regardless of the location.

Is this single leading up to a new EP in the near future?

I am releasing an EP called “Full Moon” in 3-4 months , I can’t wait. It’s the first project I’ll release into the world. I’m excited.


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