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Dora Kola Gives You a Reason to Rock Out With "Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy"

Singer/Songwriter Dora Kola has experimented in many aspects of the music industry, exploring her passions and developing her craft.

Before the release of her inspiring and rowdy rock songs, she worked as a radio disc jockey, and earlier into her life was trained in classical piano. Her love of music continues to grow as she embarks on her recent journey of storytelling and fierce hits.

Dora Kola’s “Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy” is a dynamic and fearless rock anthem that does not hold back. The slow, solid beat forms the foundation for “Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy”, all about embracing your wild side.

The rhythm will keep you enthralled as the song reaches its climax, all instrumental elements leaving you with your jaw on the floor. She eases you into her vivid and expressive music style with half-spoken verses that expertly blend into the rambunctious chorus. Underneath the gritty, sultry tones that Dora Kola’s vocals bring into the mix, she displays controlled and powerful technique.

“Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy” lets everything run rampant with seductive and enticing lyrics. The unforgettable rhythms and underlying electric guitar flow alongside the riotous story that Dora Kola lives out. As the title of the song is slowly introduced in a whisper, you fall deeper into the instrumentation of “Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy”.

As the song comes to a close, the listener is left still enchanted by the potent atmosphere created in those three minutes. Dora Kola is giving everything she has to her new releases, and “Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy” is no different. From the captivating storylines to assertive vocals, you will want to give this one a listen.

Hello Dora, and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. The boldness of “Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy” is sure to turn the heads of listeners. How do you hope “Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy” impacts your audience?

Sexuality, which is the main source of my inspiration and who I am, is quite evident in my music. I hope this is being celebrated through acceptance of others because sexuality is what makes us human, makes us happy, and makes life what it is. I hope the boldness you speak of can empower and inspire others that they too can live a life with no filter and no need to care what others may judge them as. Living for the validation of others is so lame, and not a way to live life. Live and create your own life, do whatever makes you happy.

When beginning the process for writing “Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy”, what was the first idea that sparked your interest? Do you think this song turned out the way you first envisioned or did the story change along the way?

It was a rainy day while I was in Vancouver, and I felt some type of way of the West Coast rain, as well as being a bad girl that may have been living a ‘crazy wild bitch’ lifestyle which I’ll sing about that leads to the birth of “DIRTY SEXY ROCKER BOY”. The song was originally a freestyle that I spat on the mic as soon as I got to my producer’s place, and we used the original two takes of it. I believe in capturing the art in its authentic moment.

It’s more than just the DIRTY SEXY ROCKER BOYS I’ve spent my whole life with. Collars and leashes do excite me — but the guilty pleasures of everyday life are the true dirty sexy rocker boys. Toxic but feels so good. So bad — but who’s to tell me that I can’t feel guilty for pounding back whiskey shots with heavy metal guitar boys and smoking cigarettes all night long?

“Dirty Sexy Rocker Boy” has so many intriguing elements that give it your compelling sound. Do you see yourself branching even further genre-wise in the future?

Absolutely! I am an all over music lover and super-duper mega nerd and fan first - all 360 degrees, baby! This is funny because as I sit and answer these fabulous, I am watching a live R&B/Funk/Soul band in Anaheim. I am extremely experimental and open-minded. If it makes a sound and vibes with me. I am into it! My first two singles have been pretty alternative/indie rock and pop with elements of R&B. Currently, I’ve been working on a hip-hop/rap track with artist Ekke and experimenting with funk and heavier rock elements. What’s a genre again?

We love the confidence that radiates from your music, Dora Kola. How has your songwriting helped you grow as an artist, and how do you persevere through times of doubt and uncertainty?

I am a spoken word poet, as well as a lusty poet of a writer. Eventually, these pieces get translated into musical compositions of what you hear as my songs. I write every freaking day, from the moment I wake up, throughout the day, and before I sleep. I find inspiration in literally everything. I’ll pull over on the side of the road or stop everything I am doing (really inconvenient when you’re showering,) just to jot down a new melody or line. When you’re an artist who happens to be very sensitive, extremely spiritual, and applies meaning to every moment in life - this is what happens. Boxes of notebooks and a whole lot of iCloud storage that can’t sustain my entire catalog of thoughts. Write. Just do it. Follow your heart and everything aligns will follow.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout the last year to create music?

My crazy life. (If you’re a regular on my Instagram page, you will soon realize this through my controversial Instagram stories.) It’s really unlike no other, often at times, people tell me I need to write a book. Maybe one day, but for now - poetry and songs that reflect upon that will do. Music is my outlet, music is my life, yo!


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