Double D aka King David Works to Impress Listeners with Summer Hit "Light Switch"

Toronto-based artist Double D aka King David comes to flaunt his poetically-driven metaphors and verses to all listeners alike. Crafting his music to be both engaging and zealous, Double D aka King David works to promote transparency and divergence within the music industry. Predominantly focusing his efforts within the R&B/Pop music base, Double D aka King David is taking full force towards mastering his artistic performance, and the latest piece of work listeners have received from Double D aka King David reflects a myriad of influence.

Soft guitar riffs are what introduce Double D aka King David's newest track, "Light Switch". There are a ton of influences packed into this song, as Double D aka King David really drew a lot of inspiration from various sources. "Light Switch" has flairs of R&B, Hip/Hop and Pop embedded into itself, and blended intricately together in order to unleash the right kind of summer hit. "Light Switch" delves into the emotions involved in finding a stimulating connection with another, and Double D aka King David shares a certain kind of understanding with listeners. "Light Switch" exploits the catchy and harmonically-driven vocals in order to create the highlights of the song, and its echoey textures bring the perfect kind of ambiance to the listening table. Double D aka King David's "Light Switch" touches on perspectives we've all found ourselves wandering in, and his assorted production is what keeps listeners completely compelled. 

"Light Switch" felt very personable and easy to resonate with. What kind of impressions did you acquire in order to create the theme for this track? Did you use influence within your private life, or do you often craft stories to tell your listeners?

It's a combination. I'm inspired by real-life events and instrumentals that compel me to bring forth my storytelling abilities.

Let's talk more about your history within the music industry. What sort of obstacles have gotten in your way thus far as a music artist that you feel contributed to the way you communicate in your music?

I'd have to say the reality of signing to a certain label eventually put a hold on my music career. Now that I have resurfaced I will be pushing my music on all platforms for the world to hear.

The versatility of your music definitely attracts a multitude of listeners. How do you go into creating new music knowing that your listening base is diverse?

I go through a process of automatic writing. Coming from a diverse background, it's important to me that I share my works among all variations of the human race.

Your 2020 album "Prophets of A Heretic" is set to debut this fall! Are you able to give listeners any hints or ideas on what they're able to expect with this release? What is the main theme of the album?

"Prophets of A Heretic" discusses diverse topics such as anti-totalitarianism and fighting the power, anti-tyranny, social injustice, spiritually uplifting, reflection and ascension

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

This year I have been inspired by Life, Instrumentals, 5th Dimension, Kundalini, and DNA Acceleration.