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Dougie and Keatz Weber Prove That Real Hip-Hop Is Still Alive With “Boom Trap”

With a gritty but intricate style, talented artist, Dougie from Alberta, Canada comes heavy in 2019. With the start of his career being the beginning of March 2019, he has made some fast improvements with his musical approach in the hip-hop community. Releasing four singles and a handful of freestyle videos, opening up for SDK veteran Evil Ebenezer in August 2019, who knows what is in store for this MC, but he sounds and looks prepared. 

“Boom Trap” is Dougie’s latest release and features fellow Alberta native, Keatz Weber. Keatz Weber was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta. As the owner of “Subtle Records”, he writes rhymes, makes beats, mixes and masters and records his own music. Amidst today’s hip-hop landscape, there are sounds that work, the ones that connect and make waves, and there are often overly familiar and increasingly un-interesting elements involved in that. In the case of “Boom Trap, Dougie and Keatz Weber kick in quickly with that modern sound, but the lyricism that develops later on is where you really start to witness something special. The beat itself has left a mark for its creative and colorful aura that walks in line with that classic, mildly familiar hip hop swagger. The bars are superb, honest and open, fascinating and often showcasing confidence and vulnerability all at once. You hear the passion and energy build up with every moment and I guarantee you’ll be hitting that repeat button. 

Listen to “Boom Trap” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Hi Dougie! When did your passion for hip hop begin, and what made you decide to pursue it creatively?

I was introduced to hip hop at the age of 11 and instantly fell in love. But it becoming a passion until i was about 16! Freestyles with homies while getting baked, or by myself at home while mom was gone. Listening to Chris Webby, Joyner Lucas, Merkules, Tupac, Big L and more! Joyner's fast flow is what really made me want to do some crazy shit!

What’s your creative process like? How do you begin when writing a new track, and do you ever struggle to come up with something you’re happy with?

I like to find a beat and play it through a few times before i start writing anything. than i start with my hook and verses! Oh i struggle sometimes just like any artist " but once it flows its better than ever" a friend once told me!

Tell us more about your single “Boom Trap”! What message did you hope to achieve with this track?

Boom Trap was actually a contest beat that I won from the homie Jaguar Kevins! I heard the beat and had something written before i had even won the beat! But i wanted to show lyrics, give off old school vibes and just have a fun track. Keatz Weber wasn't even originally on it. We were in the studio and recorded my verse when i decided to ask him if he wanted to be on it! he slayed that track! We move as one.Subtle Records until I'm 6 feet deep.

What are your thoughts on mainstream hip hop at the moment?

I'm not a huge fan. The auto-tune and easy flow with weak lyrics just doesn't appeal to me. I like content and lyrics with meaning.

What can audiences look forward to for the remainder of the year? Do you have any shows coming up, new releases or collaborations?  

I have a few shows here in Alberta,Canada over the next few months in which I'm opening for Evil Ebenezer of SDK, some Smoked Out Battle League Events that I will be performing at. I have a few collaborations in the works. One with the homie Scarz Real Hip Hop out in west haven,CT. and a few other Grind mode affiliates. Even an album is in the works! 14 Tracks with a few features. I wanna learn producing so i can pull a Russ on the industry 


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