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Dougy Ahern Takes Us Home With Latest Release “Brothers”

Dougy Ahern is not your traditional artist. Yet his sound has a traditional Americana style to it with hints of Roots and Rock. This east coast, Baltimore native has managed to make his way to Sunny California. Now settled into Los Angeles, he has taken on the new city well! From his look - to his sound, he is engaging his audience in remarkable ways. With a nice down home sound and a California inspired look, Dougy is taking the music scene on full force. Taking a break to tune into his single “Brothers”.

When you take a peruse through this artists social media, you don’t expect such a soulful and southern sound. But as you tune in, you are hit with a wonderful surprise. There truly is something vintage yet fresh about Dougy Ahern. Yet his look gives us Cali vibes all day long. This combination works so well! And his ability to story tell through his lyrics you cannot help but to listen. That is a feature artists are losing day to day, the ability to hold their listeners attention. Dougy Ahern does this very well. “Brothers” gives us that vintage classic down home story feel with Roots beats, Organ notes, a singing harmonica and a lyrical artist. This feels just like home.

Listen to "Brothers" here.


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