DRAUCKER Brings Real Rock Back To The Music Industry With “Good To Talk To”

DRAUCKER began many years ago as three siblings, Nick, Sarah and Chris Draucker grew up in a musical household. With deep roots in christian, rock and blues styles, the band formed. Over the past two years, DRAUCKER added two talented friends into the mix. In addition to performing locally and regionally, DRAUCKER members continue to lead worship and devote time to their respective churches. In their shows, they break the genre barriers, leaving their fans speechless. Their hope is to write and produce excellent music, promoting positivity and goodness in this world. Armed with an eclectic list of covers and a growing repertoire of original songs, DRAUCKER is quickly becoming one of the most sought after bands. 

“Good To Talk To” is a superb song, the opening track on the brand new album of the same name, and a fine introduction to DRAUCKER if you’re new to their music.“Good To Talk To” takes its time to kick in, showcasing from the offset an artist with a clear awareness of the value of effective structuring and artistic intention. Following this, the high energy hits with skill and emotion intertwined, the  vocal delivery follows a similarly complex yet captivating pathway, poetry and personal reflection meet to compelling results. A great track to get you up and moving around, “Good To Talk To” brings a sense of reflective weight and poetic scene setting. I highly recommend you check out “Good To Talk To” and the entire album! Stay on the lookout for more from DRAUCKER.

Listen to “Good To Talk To” here and keep scrolling for more with DRAUCKER!