Drayghun Will Have You “Dreamin” About Someone

Drayghun, formerly iNeyt, is an army veteran who became an independent artist in Atlanta and uses music as his creative and emotional outlet. His new release “Dreamin” is perfect for anyone who has ever been lovestruck and could not stop thinking of that special person, which makes it so easy to relate to! The rap song has a unique introduction that captivates the listener from the start; a charming voice mail to his love interest. The beat picks up at the perfect time and the chorus has a simple melody which he sings with an urgency that implies his yearning for his girl.

The passion and creativity of “Dreamin” are clearly in line with Drayghun’s personality and life experiences. He was known for creating a studio in his trailer when he was deployed in Kuwait, which helped to keep him distracted from his environment. During this time he also reached out to Lil Wayne while he was serving his time in prison, and received inspiring advice; “don’t stop the music it’s a life that never dies…” Drayghun’s devotion to his artistry is contagious; he expressed “when no one understands me my music does.” The song and video for “Dreamin,” will have you thinking of that special person for hours after as his chorus plays in your head. Sleeping in front of a fridge with your pillow has never been cuter, and after watching Drayghun’s music video for “Dreamin” you will agree!

Hey Drayghun, welcome to BuzzMusic! We are thrilled to feature your song “Dreamin”! Could you tell us about your intentions when writing this song? Sure I appreciate the opportunity! So I was in Queens, New York at the time visiting my Auntie & Cousins and I was staying in the basement in one of the rooms. I had woke up the morning of the 25th of September, showered and had just finished my meditation and randomly turned on my mic to warm up just in case I felt like recording. I walked out of my room and my cousin was just walking out of her room on her way to the gym. We started conversing for a bit before she had to go, we were talking about relationships. She was telling me about a situation she was facing where she felt stuck, she really liked a guy and he liked her as well however he couldn't let go of the relationship he was in and she didn't want to force anything. I told her I'd been in a similar situation before and that the best thing to do is to choose herself despite the overwhelming feelings she was having for him. We laughed it up, talked for a little bit more and she left for the gym. After the conversation, I realized ... No one is home, I can scream my lungs out! I immediately went back into my room and turned on the computer to search for an instrumental because I felt inspired by the convo with my cousin. As soon as I hit record the words started flowing and that's how "Dreamin" came about. 

Your journey to becoming an artist is an inspiring story! Can you tell us a little more about how your life in the army influences your music today? My life in the Army was one of discipline, dedication, loyalty & determination. A never give up attitude was drilled into us and we were taught "Mission First." After my time was up in the Military these core values transferred into my music. Serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom I saw & experienced things that I desired to forget about and music became that outlet that helped me along the way. I transferred the discipline, dedication, loyalty, determination and a never give up attitude from my time in the Army into my music and this is why even to this day I'm still creating. "Mission First" Music is my personal mission & therapy. 

You enrolled in CRAS (The Conservatory Of Arts & Sciences) and completed an internship in Thailand and Vietnam. Can you tell us how these experiences have shaped you to be the artist you are today? Ah man, going over to Thailand and Vietnam after graduation was a first for me and it opened up my eyes to how diverse the world is. The atmosphere I experienced in these countries was that of peace and it helped transform the way I approached music. Thailand is known as the "Land of Smiles" and before going I had a lot of anger and aggression within me and to this day I have MANY unreleased records that have a lot of aggression and pain within them. Thailand and Vietnam helped to simmer that fire within me which transformed my music into a more lighthearted vibe.  When I saw how these people didn't have the opportunities as we have here in the US but they're so kind and genuine it really made me take a step back and reevaluate myself. As I changed my music began to slowly change. I'm grateful for that experience, it's definitely had an impact on my music even till this day.

Who in your life has influenced your music the most? Could you tell us about how they influenced your song “Dreamin”? Hands down, Lil Wayne has been my biggest influence. He's hardworking and doesn't take no for an answer and his wordplay and honesty are out of this world. I've always been a hardworking individual since the age of 14, outspoken and the black sheep of my family. When I first heard of Wayne and his music, I could immediately relate. So how he influenced "Dreamin", Wayne's a freestyler and I can honestly say I've never been one though I've tried before and dear gawd it was "horrible" lol. However, I've been writing since 2005 and after so many years of writing your mind begins clicking so fast you don't have time to write and this was the case with "Dreamin" Wayne's never been shy of freestyling so that day on the 25th when the ideas were flooding in I was like "What the hell" and started freestyling and within 15 - 20 minutes I was finished recording the record. 

We enjoyed having you here on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about any upcoming shows you have? And what is your next step as an artist? We hope to hear more from you soon! As of now, I do not have any shows lined up at the moment, I've been recording for a long time so now I'm taking the time to release the catalog I've developed over the years. I love to travel and everywhere I travel I have my portable studio with me. So wherever I go, I'll be recording and filming visuals in the different countries I visit. I've spent a great deal of time in the States trying to get my music heard and I feel throughout my recent travels my music is accepted more in foreign countries. It's time to take my music worldwide and I can proudly say I'm doing this as an independent artist. I'm grateful for the opportunity and I'm grateful I've been able to do this interview with you all. Look out for new music coming in the near future. Thanks again for this opportunity!