Dre Day Fuels a Fire of Expression with his Latest Single, “1hunna Man, Pt. 3.”

Charismatic Hip-Hop artist Dre Day 100 expresses a whole new world in his latest single, “1hunna Man, Pt. 3.”

Dre Day 100 Is an up and coming artist whose talent, notoriety, and fan-base is growing at an incredibly rapid rate. The burning passion and work ethic he holds has allowed him to build an incredible catalog of songs and collaborations, and his musicality shows through in amazing ways as you begin to listen to his artistry.

Dre Day 100 has developed an unbelievably intense skill of lyricism and catchy melodic hooks. His creative and innovative approach to his projects brings old school with new school together, leaving his listener with an irresistible feeling of gratification and enjoyment.

From opening for major artists within the industry to touring and performances, Dre Day 100’s career shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

“1hunna Man, Pt. 3,” comes in hot with a Trap inspired ambiance to entice us all on what’s to come. Although this record has a lot of trademarks of old school Hip-hop energy, it carries its own in a weight class specific to this creation solely.

The high energy impact through the downtempo elements have you jumping out of your seat at each word delivered from Dre Day 100. His crafty lyricism and knack for wordplay have you fully tuned into this record that is part three of his expressions.

Dre Day 100’s vocalization remains a centerpiece through the heavy bass and elements of the instrumentation. His empowering tonal distinction is unmatched as we are taken through a journey of his intricate rhyme schemes and unforgettable cadences.

He embarks on a journey in his musical career that has already begun to establish his name with the top dogs. His unapologetic personality and boisterous attitude truly set him apart from the rest as he continues to garner attention worldwide. Dre Day 100 shows all signs of a promising artist and “1hunna Man, Pt. 3,” shows us why he’ll stay on top.

Congratulations on the release of “1hunna Man, Pt. 3,” Dre Day 100. As this being part three of the installment, what has made you decide to make this a trilogy?! Can we expect a part four?

Making it a trilogy was for the purpose of my growth and my process. From part one to the second to the third one you can see how far along I came in just two years. I'm only going to keep growing so with that being said a fourth installment will be included. Do I know when that'll be? Maybe in a couple of months. Maybe a year from now. Who knows. 

What is the meaning of this song to you as an artist?

This single is the true definition of finding yourself. This single helped me realize that I found me and that I'm really a force to be reckoned with. I tapped into new abilities and this track helped remind me that I am the master of all my abilities and for the ones that are yet to come. 

What was the studio session like when creating “1hunna Man, Pt. 3”?

After a night of smoking some bomb weed, coming to my realizations, and putting my ideas on paper, the next morning I walked into my uncle Charlie Roc's studio and told him all about the game plan. From the moment I rehearsed the song, it was an instant "hop up in the studio, spark that blunt up, and leave the mic in flames" ya heard me. And it was mission accomplished from there. As soon as I heard what I played down before it was mixed and mastered, I took the time to really listen to myself from a fan's perspective and I just loved it. The bars, the flow, the articulation, the punchlines I loved it all. I loved myself after hearing it. The whole session was full of positive energy and really just basking in the talent and the innovative vibe that was in the room that day.  

Could you take us into what your creative process looks like?

The whole process of my creativeness consists of sitting in my room listening to music from both old and today's era to really mesh the two into one big bundle of just straight unseen unheard of and unique elements. After a long day of working two jobs from 10 am to 9 pm im all up in my earbuds listening to instrumentals while also watching freestyle videos to give what im about to write some inspiration and motivation to put some more energy, to really make my words count and stand out, and to give it some more umph. While im writing each bar im rehearsing it in the original pace and a slower pace to really sound out my words and give it more articulation and just really thinking of the hit im making as one big gameplan. When im in the booth I just close my eyes, I envision myself as if im inside my own eyelids in this dark but lit place and I just turn up. It's like the wild side comes out of me. 100% of my personality comes out. Especially after I finish with the verses and hooks and I go back in to do my adlibs, im just feeling myself im feeling what im saying and how im flowing from a fan's perspective rather than hearing it from a critics perspective.  

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Life has been keeping me inspired in 2020. What this year taught me was that working on your life and always trying to find ways to be very positive and just pouring positive energy into other people is what it's all about. Yeah, it's cool to be out in the world making a career and making it big in something you love and are passionate about, but did you really make it big if you're just miserable and negative about everything in life.

I'm inspired to not only work and grind but also live ya know like just work on my life because that's where the real work counts. When I die and meet God on judgment day, he's going to be seeing what good did I do for others, what positive impact did I make, and how did I live my life.