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Dread Fury Leaves An Imprint With Visuals For "I Think of You"

Ilford, Essex, UK, is home to the one-man band known as Dread Fury. The singer-songwriter immaculately creates an invisible band that submerges listeners in infectious grooves as he makes it nearly impossible to not want to dance to his musical creations.

A multi-instrumentalist, Dread Fury has built a reputation as an exciting live act, performing as a one-man band in open mics and gigs in venues such as The Dublin Castle and The Mildmay Club. His vibrant performances are loaded with plenty of grooves, impressing watchers and earning him acclaim amongst his peers. Handling all production duties on his own as well, the end result of his most recent release is an EP that tells a story both lyrically and sonically.

Catching our eye with the sonic and visual pairing of “I Think of You,” the Neo-Soul creations has us delving into a myriad of emotions as we take it to its full potential. Black and white footage fills the screen as moments of love and adoration seize memories that the lyrical motifs touch on. Propelling a falsetto that lingers in our mind, we follow the raw melodies as the filmic component transitions through what happens when a loved one is no longer around to the darkest of its extent.

Admiring, what seems to be, the heartfelt story as it unveils itself in an expression of reality, we see how love can truly knock you off your feet when it takes over your very being; but this time it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The use of split frames gives us the feel of the back and forth emotions that the protagonist explores as he runs through these obsessive emotions when he doesn’t get what he wants with his love interest.

Pulling us deeper into the storyline as things aren’t always how they appear, these toxic behaviors take a turn for the worse as his obsession overpowers him, and ultimately scares off the one he wanted to spend his life with. In an attempt to escape, Dread Fury acting as the protagonist catches up to her, and an entirely new theme of domestic violence is touched on as he unleashes his true colors.

Widening our eyes to the dangers of manic fixation, we grasp the undeniable storytelling techniques that the emerging artist masters. Allowing us to be invested in a piece as powerful as such.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dread Fury, and congratulations on releasing the music video for “I Think of You.” With such an out-of-the-box theme showcased in the visuals, what moment or story inspired this concept?

Thanks for having me back, and thanks for the congratulations on the video. Working with a professional photographer, Martin Petty (who directed the video) inspired the video. In the UK, there has been an alarming rise in violence against women. The murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, in particular, were shocking to the point we felt we had to make a video that highlighted this issue. It’s great that, compared to my other videos, we have pretty powerful and tell a story. It was also great to get Ronnie Morato (the girlfriend) involved to bring some realness to the video.

How does “I Think of You” compare to the other songs heard on your EP? What would you like this song to say about you as an artist?

Stylistically, it is probably the most romantic song in a strange way. The protagonist longs to be loved and to know where he stands, and eventually, it gets to a point where it almost sounds like he is obsessed. This is a point hammered home by the music video, except that the protagonist has gone beyond the end of obsession to just being a nasty, controlling individual. Compared to the other songs, it’s the most intense track on the EP, yet it is done without going too hard musically. I wrote the song as a love song, but complex, so I hope this shows I can write without being too simple or too soft.

In your own words, what is the central concept and messaging that you hope listeners can take away from this project?

In regards to the video, I want people to be aware of domestic violence and violence against women. I want people to be able to have these conversations on how we can prevent this in the future and what we (men) can do to be better allies to women. I hope that victims of domestic violence get the support needed. As far as the EP is concerned, I’ve been blown away by the response from people who’ve listened to it and bought it. I hope the video for “I Think Of You” will also bring people to check out the EP and to feel they always have a voice.

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you allow that to speak into your music?

I write and create music to express myself in the best way that I see fit. I like to tell stories that come from deep in my mind and my life experience, if possible. I like to be as real to me as possible, and that shows in the eclectic nature of my music. The fact that I could create the EP in my own bedroom and it being well-received has given me joy I couldn’t describe. I don’t care about writing and releasing music for hype and boosting numbers. I like to create art to make me feel good or bring awareness to particular issues, and if that passes on to anyone listening or watching, then mission accomplished. I enjoy being independent musically and hope it stays that way.

What can we anticipate hearing next?

I’m working on some new music. Most likely, it will be a double album. I’m not a fan of the current trend of just releasing singles on Spotify, hoping something will catch. Albums tell stories, and nowadays, it seems that’s become a lost art. You get one life. Make your mark. So there will be a new album at some point within the next couple of years. There will be a mixture of soul, blues, hip-hop, rock, funk, etc. Watch this space.

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