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Dream and Daze with Bex Bambii's Sultry Single, "Love Potion"

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the multifaceted artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Bex Bambii floods us with lust through her captivating single, "Love Potion."

The self-taught enigma prides itself on creating original pieces through her sound that blurs the lines of house, disco, hip-hop, and r&b. A firm believer that dance is essential for balanced mental health, Bex Bambii is always one to captivate her audience with her anthemic and sweltering releases.

Recently releasing her upbeat psytrance single, "Love Potion," Bex Bambii serves us a highly conceptual lyrical theme while blasting us with powerfully engaging beats and sonics. Through her lustful and sultry delivery accompanied by her sweltering production, Bex Bambii sets the bar incredibly high for other electronic producers to reach.

Jumping into "Love Potion," we're met with a pulsating house kick and Bex Bambii's sultry vocal delivery. While softly singing of striving for someone's love and acceptance, the surrounding sonics pour through our speakers with the heat and fire of modern house music merged with nostalgic elements of 00s trance.

Taking a closer to listen to Bex Bambii's lyricism, she tells the story of wanting to be accepted by a lover only to realize the toxicity of being trapped in an unhealthy relationship. As she grooves alongside her deftly-produced psytrance sonics, the song comes to an end with boundless energy and a drive to get back into our scorching hot clubs.

Dance away with the fiery sounds of Bex Bambii and her latest desirous single, "Love Potion," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Bex Bambii and welcome to BuzzMusic. We honestly can't get enough of the dense sonic and lyrical arrangements within your single, "Love Potion." What inspired you to create such a powerfully engaging and lustful piece like this?

Thank you! I'm a huge fan of campy horror/sci-fi cinema and I really wanted to bring that over-exaggerated, satirical vibe to "Love Potion" to kind of pay homage to that. The meaning behind my song actually comes from a dark place though. It touches on the idea of making somebody love me because I can't love myself - something that I've struggled with in the past (but have definitely healed from now). The first half of the song reflects the honeymoon phase of a relationship, while the second part of the song takes a darker turn to reflect the toxic side of a relationship where you start to feel trapped, yet still desperate for love. I love juxtaposing dark themes with upbeat anthems, maybe I'm a sicko for doing that, but I love the irony.

Did you work entirely solo during your sonic creative process for "Love Potion?" How did you begin formulating the song's sonic atmosphere and groove?

Yes, I did work entirely solo for the whole process of "Love Potion!" I love house music, psytrance, and disco so I wanted to somehow mix all those genres together into a big groovy soup. Initially, the song just had a basic piano riff and a single bassline with some four on the floor drums which sounded okay, but I wasn't happy with it at all. I had a major creative block for a while. I began to add layers of vocal synths, some more layers of bass - tons of weird little sounds here and there to really make it sound full and almost theatrical. Although the theme of "Love Potion" is dark, I still want people to be able to dance to it so I kept it as groovy as possible.

What did you want your audience to feel and experience after listening to the sweltering single, "Love Potion?"

In all the artistic work that I do, I want to take my audience into another world that I've created. With "Love Potion" I wanted my audience to kind of think twice about it. Here's this crazy song with all these weird sounds, it's groovy, we're vibing, then comes this crazy dark bassline in the second half and it's like "whoa what's this song really about?" "what world did I step into?" I love to act out different characters, so with "Love Potion" I wanted to emanate a sci-fi witch hybrid character who creates this otherworldly potion to capture and trap her lovers with. Again, the theme is dark, but aside from that, I want my audience to also have fun with the song and groove to it and just have a good time listening and dancing to it.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom you'd like to share with other upcoming female producers in a male-dominated industry? What has kept you inspired to keep creating and growing?

My advice to new female producers is don't give up, continue perfecting your craft, as long as you put in the work you'll only get better. If you have the drive, you will succeed. Producing is such a huge learning experience and it's especially harder as a female producer to be taken seriously in such a male-dominated industry, but don't let that discourage you. Your work will shine through and the right people will appreciate all your hard work. Seeing smaller artists achieve big goals is actually super inspiring for me and really motivates me to keep pursuing my passion for art and music. I also spend copious amounts of time on youtube learning about music production, marketing, branding - everything - as well as collaborating with and talking to other artists - that is what keeps me growing as a singer and producer. Remaining self-aware while also being vulnerable with my audience and with myself is also really important!

What's next for you?

The next project I'm working on is an experimental disco house track. I'm super excited about it! I'm trying to release a new single every month so be on the lookout for that one sometime in May!



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