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"Dream" Big with Don Drago's Latest Hit

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer Don Drago delivers an inspirational collaboration with Dee Baby for their latest single, "Dream (feat. Dee Baby)."

Often compared to the stylings of Mike Shinoda and Zayde Wolf, Don Drago has genuinely created a unique sound that bridges the gaps between hip-hop, pop, and rock. Striving to inspire listeners through his uplifting music, Don Drago hopes to leave his audience aware of their own mental prowess when reaching for the stars.

Doing so with his latest single, "Dream (feat. Dee Baby)," Don Drago brings listeners into an intensely inspirational space through his motivational bars and powerful delivery. While Dee Baby serenades us on the hook with her sweet soprano vocals, she later spits her own verse while emphasizing the song's reassuring and courageous theme.

"Dream (feat. Dee Baby)" opens with Don Drago and Dee Baby's melodic vocals that set the song's upbeat and lively tone. Once Don Drago takes the spotlight, he lets us into the hook with relatable bars like, "-since the ramen on the stove, I've been on the road, took some losses, got it back on my own." While continuing his uplifting and inspirational journey throughout the song, Dee Baby joins his side and adds vast emphasis to the song's theme through their vibrant vocal duet.

As Dee Baby tackles the pre-chorus and second verse with her lush vocal stylings, she continues encouraging listeners to hold onto their dreams and never dim the light within. Reaching the song's end, the bright and radiant production gleams with hope and strength while leaving us inspired to take on the world.

Shine bright with Don Drago and Dee Baby's latest collaboration, "Dream (feat. Dee Baby)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We want to thank you for reminding listeners to go after their dreams and deepest desires with your latest single, "Dream (feat. Dee Baby)." What inspired you to create this motivational single?

I just have not been seeing many artists lately using their platform to try and shed some light back into the world. With everything going on, I just really wanted to make a track that people might be able to find comfort and inspiration in and that could motivate other upcoming artists and creatives like myself especially the kids! Really this song is meant for anyone who has ever had a dream or went after a dream and knows how hard it can be to remain true to your vision especially when you are going through it personally. All the ups and downs that life throws at us. I wanted to make something that could be a tool for today’s generation and anyone who comes from the bottom to let them know to not be afraid to dream!

What was your collaborative process like with Dee Baby for your single, "Dream (feat. Dee Baby)"?

What drew you to her vocal stylings when seeking an artist to feature on the single? The process of working with Dee Baby was amazing and smooth she is so talented and a true professional, and when I sent her the original song and she sent me back a video of her performing her verse live I knew we had something big! She has been a staple in Tampa for a long time and when we did finally get in the studio it was honestly just super fun. We worked hard but also just had fun with it and experimented and ended with a great song!

Did you produce the sonics yourself within "Dream (feat. Dee Baby)"? How did you create the sonic atmosphere to emphasize the song's inspirational theme?

So, for me, the creative process is to first come up with a melody, and then from there, I choose a topic and then start filling in the lyrics to the melody. But yes, this one was really just divine inspiration it kind of just came to me lol.

For readers who are now introduced to your music, could you help us get to know you on a more personal level?

How does your music reflect who you are and what you aim to represent? For me, music has always been my best friend! I know to some people that may sound crazy, but I’ve had so many times in my life where everything was in chaos but being able to create a song and turn all those bad things into something positive and creative I would say probably saved my life. As for me, I am just a guy who was used to being an underdog and then decided to start fighting back. And the way I fight back is with my music.

What can we anticipate next from you?

We are going to be shooting an official music video for Dream in May which should be premiering around the beginning of June, so be on the lookout. Also, I have a new EP coming out called (Tampa Dreams) which will also be coming out in late May-early June I’m still waiting to confirm the date on that. But yes, I also want to take a second and thank all my fans and supporters for helping me share this song and Thank you guys for featuring me, and Remember my good people Never stop Dreaming.

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