Drenalin and Cat Lally Bring Forth "Hope" as the Stay Strong Against Domestic Violence

Exercising their experimental techniques in the music industry, heavy hitters Drenalin can always be counted on when dabbling in a pastiche of sound. Turning heads with their most recent single, “Hope,” they incorporated female vocalist Cat Lally to take the spotlight and express a melodic story through poignant timbres that found the band shedding glimmers of hope as they can be heard supporting the awareness of domestic violence.

Formed in 2005 from the great city of Cleveland, Ohio, Drenalin has been a malleable staple that continues to bend genres in the music industry as they exude flexibility in the creations they bring forth.

As the band plans their Stay Strong Against Domestic Violence movement where we will be exhausting their platforms to increase attentiveness towards domestic violence, Drenalin provides their audience with the latest installment in the “Hope” launch; an exceedingly captivating music video that accompanies the sanctioning instrumental and vocal arrangements heard to back a prevailing and essential message.

Dedicating the meaningful visuals to all of the survivors of domestic abuse, the heart-rending ballad commences as the emphasis lies on the striking keys being performed. As we fixate ourselves with the narrative at hand, we feel the emotional expression transmitted through scenes of a woman who is a victim of domestic abuse in her own household. Panning between scenes of Caty Lally in a dimly lit blue hue of light, we are moved by the thought-provoking quintessence that peeks our inner sentiments as the permeating storytelling progresses.

As the protagonist flashes to visions of a future that resonates in hope as she escapes her current situation, she sets to embark on a journey rid of the toxicity and pain that she is enduring. The musical elements progress in a triumphant build that shadows the growth happening before our very eyes. Taking us to the final moments of victory where the lyrical structure changes to reflect a positive outcome, the relief that strikes us has us shedding a tear in the emotion displayed in the overall performance. With the credits rolling and the appreciation pours. We love the message that Cat Lally has to offer as she shares her final thoughts and gratitude towards those supporting the movement.

“Hope” does exactly that; it gives you a ray of hope to focus on to make it through the hard times at hand.

Thank you for taking the time to allow your art to reflect your stance on domestic abuse. “Hope,” is truly a song that moves you as you listen and watch the filmic component paired with it. Could you please take us into the creative process of the music video? What was it like portraying this vision?

Our first set of priorities were to make it both realistic and relatable. We wanted the future/current survivor to be convinced we were describing some form of ‘their’ situation in the abstract. Our second set was to make the entire experience engaging and moving for those who have not experienced Domestic Violence personally. If we could create believers in the cause from the outside, the overall awareness would grow exponentially.

We were extremely lucky to have actual survivors both on set and amongst the talent which helped contribute to the true-to-life atmosphere.

Speaking on the heavy subject matter, does it ever affect you in a way where you are more susceptible to weaker moments in handling your emotions?

Everyone deals with hardships and tragedies in different ways, and ours is through music. It’s a full-circle failsafe in the purest sense. It clears our minds during the creative process, becomes our crutch when we listen back, and puts a smile on our faces when we find out how it helps others. It is true that those involved have been affected by Domestic Violence and were forced to relive their traumas to keep the spirit of the movement alive. By leaning on each other we created something truly beautiful, and that was worth every effort.

With the lyrical content being told in a three-part story, we absolutely love the development of this piece as it shines a light on a positive outcome. Was this always your vision when the song was written? Or did you have to rework your model a few times until it felt right?

This was always the vision and the reasoning behind it is actually quite simple. A person tends to listen to what they are feeling. If you are happy, your music may be upbeat. In return, if you are sad, your song choice might also imitate. We wanted someone who’s feeling depressed and defeated to be able to rely on “Hope” ... and over the acts of the video, allow their inner strength and courage to rise in parallel.

Could you please shine a light on the Stay Strong Against Domestic Violence movement? What can listeners do in order to support this movement in a way that benefits the cause?

The Stay Strong Against Domestic Violence movement is going to donate proceeds from streams, album and merchandise sales, etc. to different agencies throughout our career. We will have Domestic Violence Agency information in all our media platforms for those who are interested in our call-to-actions, such as direct donations, volunteer work, and other forms of support. We are also asking other artists in our field to contribute as well (live shows, studio sessions). We would like to become known as an artist who gives back and is constantly trying to change the world.

What's next for you?

This is just our first big step in creating awareness for Domestic Violence Advocacy. We plan to keep the momentum going and hope that throughout time, the movement will attract all forms of support.