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Drenalin Debuts New Single, "24k"

Known for their unconventional genre-bending fusions that combine sounds from far and wide, Drenalin reigns from the great city of Cleveland, Ohio.

The edgy and hard-hitting band consists of Dan Gutschmidt slaying the vocals and keyboard, Justin Karallus immersing us in his vocalization, Justin Fuller providing electric sounds on lead guitar, Nick Galbincea serving up rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and last but not least, Mike Scarvelli executing tight drum patterns.

Formed in 2005, they are best known for their huge contribution in sports broadcasting with composing for the MLB, NBA, NHL, LFL, and MMA. Drenalin holds their greatest achievements at a high standard as their nomination and award list includes, five Promax Award wins, two Emmy Award nominations, and one Emmy Award win.

“24k,” is a top contender in the heavyweight division with the electric Metal and Rock filled anthem they exude. The intoxicating energy behind “24k,” surges through your sound system as the enticing musical progression delivers at a high voltage. The magnetism within each carefully crafted lyric defines the genre fused composition in a captivating manner. As we hear each guitar lick shredded in coalition with the rhythmic drum patterns, we feel the passion and anticipation shake the core of our very being.

Triumphantly putting forth a message of conquering everything they have set out to do, Drenalin sets forth on a mission to dominate with each word that is shed in this creation. The expressions of “It’s time for thunder, it’s time for pain,” in the lyrics, send relatable words of reinforcement to the fans and listeners of Drenalin.

Showing the wide range of artistic versatility that Drenalin holds, this song has us dripped out in angst as we reassess our flair. Drenalin as a collective and as individuals present a colossal performance that leaves it all on the table.

This record is not only an anthem but a soundtrack to life as we set forth on our grand mission to do everything we can on our route to success. From each enthralling element that Drenalin exposes, “24k” is placed high on the totem as they assault the beat holding a victorious dominance.

Hello, Drenalin, congratulations on the release of “24k,” and welcome to BuzzMusic. With a record that operates at such a high caliber, could you please take us into the creative process of this piece?

The inception of this song started with an athlete in mind. We wanted to capture the adrenaline, perseverance, and glory of victory associated with sports in this song. During the writing process of the song, we transitioned to writing it with the intent to emphasize a strong female athlete and came up with a complete rewrite of the lyrics. The gold medal or trophy is the pinnacle of any sport and the motivation for every athlete to be at the top, for them to “shine like gold”.

With all of your involvement in sports broadcasting, do you allow that to speak into the music you create? If so, at what level does it influence your creations?

When we have the inspiration for writing a song for an athlete or a particular sport we try to encompass the “getting pumped” feeling! Directly correlating to our name, Drenalin, we try to harness and project the sensation of adrenaline, that feeling that can make or break the outcome of a game, the feeling that can give the athlete the last bit of energy they need to succeed and claim victory. Just like music genres, there are many sports genres and variations of athletes; we pride ourselves on the ability to provide the music for so many different athletes to enjoy and help them achieve that “W”.

If you could pick a favorite lyric in “24k,” what would it be?

"Do you get the picture, or do you need me to build you a bigger frame?” We thought that was quite clever and visual at the same time.

Is “24k,” a representation of what we can expect to hear on your forthcoming album?

The upcoming album, 'Unrestricted,' contains many genres spanning from rock, hip hop, electronica, and symphonic. “24K” is by far the heaviest song on the album and probably the heaviest song that Drenalin has ever written. We wanted to give our fans a taste of the “new” Drenalin as we have not released any material since 2018, while at the same time giving them the heavy and riffy Drenalin that they have loved over the years.

This year has been a crazy year for all of us. Did the band face any challenges, if so how did you overcome those challenges?

Answer: To be honest the lack of shows allowed us to put all of our efforts into finishing the upcoming album as well as shoot and edit music videos. So this year was actually a blessing in disguise for Drenalin. It was hard not playing out and we have just started to do live streams so hopefully, that will satisfy our itch to play live until things return to normal.



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