Dresscode is All About the “Connection,” in Latest Single

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio is electronic music artist Derek Holley, professionally known as Dresscode. As a modern-day electronic artist, Dresscode strives to combine elements of sound that create vibrant, dynamically charged rhythms.

His strategic deployment of sound has already appeared in a collection of Indie films, and Dresscode does not plan on slowing down anytime soon. Dresscode's latest project, an album release titled 'Connection,' displays fruitful tones in varied artistic lights.

A fusion of front-forward electronic synths makes up the melody of “Connection”, which is the first track on the album. “Connection” introduces the varied style of Dresscode right from the start. The synthetically constructed melody has a deep harmonic density that adds a flair to the song and adds rich texture to “Connection.” Electronic music tends to be a medium for expressing unique and varied styles—presenting an opportunity for the creation of sound that is exhilaratingly new.

The texture of “Connection” is polyphonic, and the collection of synthesizer riffs pack punchy and eccentric tones. Soon enough, vocals intertwine the melody, adding yet another layer to the already stratified song. The vocal element brings flavor to the track—the subtle and soft harmonies combined as a result of the vocalism brings a more powerful quality to “Connection."

It is clear that the construction of “Collection” was intricately composed; the album itself represents the best of Dresscode’s artistic abilities and leads to a more contemporary world of electric sound. “Connection” serves a grand purpose on Dresscode’s latest album, as the song sets a charged atmosphere for eagerly awaiting electrified listeners.

Welcome, Dresscode, how are you feeling amidst the release of “Connection?" Feeling excited that it's finally been released! I had been working on writing and recording it for the past few months. What themes were you hoping to portray with the vocals embedded into “Connection?" I got the idea from different places reopening since last year and getting things back to normal. Can you elaborate on why “Connection” was chosen as the introductory track to the album? It's the opening track and overall theme of the album. Are you planning on performing at any virtual or live shows in order to promote “Connection?"

Yes, I want to do some kind of virtual performances and will post them on my social media.

What's next for you?

More promotions to come soon.