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Drew Dolan Reminds Us That Everything's, "Gonna Be Alright"

From Chicago to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and recording artist Drew Dolan releases a soulful and bluesy tune with his latest inspirational single, "Gonna Be Alright."

After spending years on the road chasing his dreams, Dolan has now settled in a state of bliss with help from creating and playing music. After moving to Los Angeles, Drew Dolan honed in on his craft and developed a well-rounded sound with his soulful vocals, blues-inspired instrumentals, and thought-provoking lyricism.

The nomad and traveler recently released his motivational and foot-stomping tune, "Gonne Be Alright," which showcases what Dolan's music is all about. With a gripping and heavy instrumental alongside Dolan's crisp and poised vocal delivery, listeners are able to find peace of mind through Dolan's calming lyrical content while leaving us with nothing but heart, soul, and passion.

Expanding on "Gonna Be Alright," the song opens with a groovy and soulful instrumental through bluesy electric guitars, crashing mid-tempo drum breaks, a piercing organ, and the grooviest of bass licks. As Drew Dolan's raspy and rough vocals make their appearance, he begins encouraging us to analyze the people we're surrounded with and ask if they're benefitting us in any way.

We love the well-rounded and groovy hook, as Drew Dolan reminds us that if we continue to grow and evolve, everything will turn out just fine. This track sounds as if it's straight out of a New Orleans recording studio, as Drew Dolan has fueled the song with the utmost grit and soul. As the track closes, we're left feeling ready to take on the world.

Get your dose of motivation with Drew Dolan's latest single, "Gonna Be Alright," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the heart and charisma you've brought to your recent single, "Gonna Be Alright." What inspired you to make this inspirational tune?

Thanks for the kind words! I had this melody in my head for a while that I couldn't shake. When I sat down on the piano I immediately started singing the words "Everything, Everything is Gonna Be Alright..." I kinda knew at that moment the direction the song wanted to go, and I figured what better time to write a song with some real-life optimism.

What was your songwriting process like for "Gonna Be Alright"? Was it easy to write lyrics that motivate and inspire listeners?

Lyrics usually come pretty easy, but with this song, I had to play with the lyrical form a bit. The verses kind of dance from "negative" to "positive" situations in life, so making sure the balance always tilted to the positive was an interesting process.

Did you team up with any musicians or producers to help navigate the tone and feel for the instrumentals in "Gonna Be Alright"? How did you achieve such a well-rounded and thorough sound?

I went over to the studio with the song concept and my buddy Mitchell Haeuszer, of HAUS MUSIC PRODUCTION, sat down with the guitar and added some great ideas structure-wise that really brought depth to the sound. I always seek to capture the dynamics of a live performance with the quality of a modern recording and Mitchell was able to do just that.

How do songs like "Gonna Be Alright" represent you? What impact do you want to make on your audience with songs like this?

This song in particular represents me in that no matter what, I always tell myself everything is gonna be alright. We are built to persevere, we are made to last. The moral of the story is just keep going. The last few years have really pushed me to clearly envision what I want to do. My main joy in playing music is playing live music! My goals in the music industry world are the same as my goals in my life- I want to create and share live music experiences with and for as many people as possible. I truly believe that music has saved us before, and it will continue to do so. All music is Resonance- if a song connects us, it is really showing us that we are in this experience together in a way, and therefore not alone.

What's next for you?

I have another single dropping in about a month. It's a funky groover called "Cotton Candy," and is the last song on the forthcoming EP. I will be recording another 6-track EP this Fall which will be out in early 2022. Festivals and tours are on the horizon again, and I can't wait to get out there and share all these tunes.

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