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Drift Away Into Grant Nesmith's Dreamscape, "Dreams Of The Coast"

Myrtle Beach native Grant Nesmith is no stranger to the tidal-like ebb and flow of the music scene. Being a founder of the psych/surf band, Ocean Forest Grant Nesmith experimented with sounds before returning to his Country roots.

Fast forward to the present day, and Grant Nesmith has the depths of his upcoming album, 'Dreams of the Coast,' releasing on February 5th.he psychedelic, surf ambiance with an American country twang that smooths over, with a mellow, soft rock vibe.

The title track, "Dreams of the Coast," has us drifting away through a mid-tempo, emotion-fueled ballad. Reverberated vocal tenors cascade upon the warm embrace of pedal steel and guitar chords that float in the distance. The melodies sprawled across this masterpiece are both accessible and strong. After spinning this track a few times through, what comes to mind instantaneously, is how striking the talents of Grant Nesmith are as both a songwriter and composer.

Utilizing traditional instruments that weigh heavy on the Country meets Folk embodiment, we're also tapped into the peak of psychedelia swaying in the sonic voyage that is, "Dreams of the Coast." Offering up a charming, traditional feel without being old-fashioned, the ultimate vibes portrayed have Grant Nesmith covered in a charismatic radiance that exudes delicate tones.

"Dreams of the Coast" is a seamless composition that takes everything Grant Nesmith and allows it to be a centerpiece on display for all to experience. Immersing our speakers in a composition that encourages us not just to hear the music but to feel it as well, we're swept off our feet with the top tier product Grant Nesmith delivers to his rapidly growing fan base.

Listen to "Dreams of the Coast" here.

Congratulations on the release of, “Dreams of the Coast.” This arrangement stands out as extremely welcoming and we are all for that! What was the inspiration behind the creation of the track?

The inspiration for this track is my beautiful hometown, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I was out surfing one day was looking around at the waves breaking in perfect lines, there were seagulls flying, you look out to the horizon and it’s a huge body of water for as long as you can see until it meets the sky. I had one of those epiphanies like “Man, what a beautiful place that I’m fortunate enough to grow up in and live here!” I got home and wrote the song immediately.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the recording session looked like when creating this song?

It was recorded at my good buddy Ed Dennis’ studio, Atlantic Coast Recording, in North Myrtle Beach. We started with a click track. I overdubbed Acoustic, Bass, Banjo, and a Vocal. A few days later my pal Cole Rateliff came down to the studio and laid down a drum track. I wanted that peppy “Fleetwood Mac” drum sound, so we slowed the tape down and recorded the drums at a super low pitch. When we sped the tape back up to regular speed, it sounded perfect! Sadler Vaden who is currently playing with Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit and has a great solo career as well, grew up in North Myrtle Beach. I knew he wasn’t touring due to Covid so I shot him a message and said “Hey I have this song. It’s kind of an homage to Myrtle Beach, do you want to play on the track?” He said he would and I received an email a few days later with 3 guitar tracks...The main rhythm part, and then 3 different guitar solos to choose from at the end. They all sounded amazing but we decided to go with the slide solo because his slide playing is so unique. From then, Ed Dennis overdubbed a Pedal Steel, I overdubbed a double-tracked vocal through a Leslie speaker on the chorus, and my buddy Bruce James overdubbed a harmony. Viola!!!

What are some creative differences that you have noticed from being in a band, to now being a solo act?

They both have their pros and cons. Playing solo you can create the songs and ideas by yourself and really get into your head about it. A lot of times I’ll come up with my best ideas that way. At the same time, sometimes I’ll go really far down a path and listen the next day and think “that song sucks! What was I thinking?!?” Playing and writing/recording with a band keeps you in check. Sometimes the drummer will play a cool beat on a song that I never would have thought of, or the bassist will have a unique bassline. This album is a mixture of both. Some songs have 5 or 6 people playing on them, and in some songs, I’m doing every instrument and vocal.

Does “Dreams of the Coast,” embody the ultimate vibe that we can expect from the full album? What do listeners have to look forward to?

Yes! Sunshine, surf, summer, tides, nature, etc. Although there is a similar lyrical theme, the music changes vastly. There are elements of Country, Baroque, Psych, Pop, and more. There are 8 minute slow burners and 2 minute Pop/Rock songs.

What is the main message you're trying to deliver through your music?

I’m a pretty shy person until I get to know someone and can open up to them. I try to express emotions through music so someone can hear it and hopefully feel like they know me and like I’ve opened up to them. It’s my way of expression without having a physical conversation.




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