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Drift Away with Marie Minet's, "Happy End"

Marie Minet creates a synthesis of genres that are as sublime as they are original. A clear and bewitching voice, strong lyrics with nostalgic accents, and deep melodies with Cape Verdean and African influences have her talents addressed in a raw but poetic way that enhances life stories echoing her generation.

“Happy End” is the most recent single and video release from Marie Minet, and let us tell you; the control she holds in her performance techniques are mystical. Bringing light and passion to the beautifully played piano chords that evoke emotion upon first listen, you’re entranced in the prevailing quintessence that Marie Minet emits.

Accompanied by a music video that has a flourishing series of minimalistic scenes to instill the power of her messaging, Marie Minet can be seen alongside Joao Ventura in a dark room with the only light to shine remaining on them in their time of performance. Transitioning between these frames, our attention is also captured by the remaining scene that showcases a woman below the surface of water effortlessly floating with the motions of the waves.

The manner in which the Portuguese-based, French singer-songwriter graces her heart-rending timbres with an expressive articulation that etches each word into your mind is an elegant feat to achieve. Performing in the language of French, you don’t need to understand the language to know that what she is saying is powerful. It makes you feel the music deep in your soul.

Being the debut single off of her forthcoming album, ‘Clair Obscur’ which she composed with texts by her brother Paul, 2021 is shaping up rather wistfully for the endearing passion that drives Marie Minet.



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