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Drifting Away With Daniel Arena’s Vibrant New Single “San Andreas”

Daniel Arena started playing drums in a punk rock band from Santos-São Paulo, Brazil called Sandspit. He then began to learn how to play the 12 string guitar in the mid-2000s with influences from the John Butler Trio. During this time, Daniel discovered how to utilize alternative tunings which led him to tune his 12 string guitar to that of a Brazilian instrument called Viola Caipira, a 10 string guitar as well as a Weissenborn (an acoustic lap steel) and various other instruments. Learning how to play these Daniel wrote his first album ‘Libértula’, which was recorded in 2017. Next on his musical adventure came ‘URANIA’ which was developed in 2018 with several different sounds. Produced by Leo Garcia who has turned this collection of memories into a group of 15 songs with different stories to tell and was released in January 2019.

A refreshing guitar riff starts this lighthearted tune off, giving the listener a relaxed entrance to the adventure that lies in the heart of this song. Painting a picture with lyrics, it’s easy to “drift around, head to the clouds” while listening to the soft, soothing tones of this indie rock band. Daniel Arena was able to describe his view of the town in an incredible fashion that really helps bring the listener along for the ride. The harmonies between the two vocalists works very effectively and they have been able to balance their tones to compliment the others voice. The guitar solo was solid and brings a depth to the already flowing rhythms found throughout this song. I hear bits of early 2000s classic pop songs as well as some newer indie rock scattered throughout, making this song even more intriguing as each time you listen to it you hear something new. Overall Daniel Arena has given listeners just a taste of the talent that is present, I can hardly wait to hear the rest of the album!

Listen to “San Andreas” here and get to know more about Daniel Arena

Hey! It’s pleasure to talk with you! Can you introduce us to a little about yourself?

I live in Southern Brazil, on an island called Florianopolis, but my music experiences began long ago when I was a drummer at a punk rock local band from Santos, Brazil called Sandspit. After years of drumming, around 2011 I got my first 12 string guitar and I´ve decided to try new tunnings on it...I´ve done some researchs and tried to use tunnings from Viola Caipira, a typical brazilian instrument ( a 10 string guitar ) applying it on the 12 string Guitar. From this experiences my first album was born ( a 10 track instrumental one, called Libertula ). Once I have finished this project, I´ve decided to go for the vocals and started writing songs and lyrics, using the 12 string guitar, and also regular guitar and lap steel guitar ( Weissenborn ). The result in my second album released on Jan 2019.

Other than artists, what kind of things do you find influence your music?

Thoughts and images do influence a lot over my song writting. I am a photographer also, so many of my inspirations come from visual experiences I had or visual experiences those sounds can create. I like also to use daily experiences and ideas to inspire me on sounds and lyrics.

When did you first know that music was your calling?

On my college years, music was my greatest passion, by that time though more as a listener. Once I got at that punk rock band, I feel I could go further, but only years later after I made my first instrumental album, the result and the feedback from my friends made me realized that. From those days on, I am pretty sure music is the path

Are there any other instruments that you are interested in exploring with in your sound?

I really want to explore more the Weissenborn ( acoustic lapsteel ) sounds on my next releases, I really love the sounds and vibe that it produces. Not only as fills on songs, but as main instrument, as the main

Can you tell us about the creation process of your new single "San Andreas"

San Andreas is a name of an imaginary city, where everyone is happy just by being there and living the present. The concept in fact come from the buddhist teachings about living in the present, do not letting your mind somehow pushyou forward and back, creating anxiety or sadness..just breathing and living the present moment. The name of the city ( and the song ) came from my subconscious, was nothing planned, just a sounding city name ( that maybe relates to those cool citys of California´s Coast ). After sometime I've realized San Andreas was a GTA Game´s name and also the famous fault...

What have you got going on in 2019?

Still more 3 music videos for Urania  are going to be produced, also I am preparing a special acoustic gig for late May this year, here at my town. The plan is to make some local gigs to promote the album, and at end of 2019 release new songs ( I´ve got 6 or 7 almost ready to go )


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