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Drinkard Band Gives Us All The Feels In Their Latest “Wastin”

Drinkard is an alternative country rock band composed of 4 members. Tommy Drinkard, singer-songwriter and guitarist, Anwar Glenn, second guitarist, Eric Lee, bassist, Ty Key, drummer and all the guys sing background harmonies. This cool band formed in Los Angeles in late 2017 and has been killing it since. Drinkard has sound influences that come from artists like Dave Matthews, Lukas Nelson and Jimi hendrix just to name a few. This band is unique not only in their sound but their passion through their music. Drinkards goal is to tour the world while tackling real life issues which is amazing for today's musicians! Taking a closer look into their latest release “Wastin’”.

This band has that classic LA band feel! I love it! The song comes in strong with this alternative folk melody that you can’t help but tap your toe and slap you knee at the same time! I mean CLASSIC song. It’s a simple good old feel song. Visually it makes you think of rolling on the highway next to the beach on a warm sunny day. Lettin’ your hair loose and not having a care in the world. I love all the pieces of this band. The vocals, the strings, the drums I mean there are highs and lows, ebbs and flows, this song hits every satisfactory feeling in a good song. I must give this band the utmost applause and stamp of approval!

Listen to "Wastin" here and get to know more about Drinkard below!

Hey there guys! Care to introduce yourselves please?

We are Drinkard an alternative country band, that has traits of roots rock, blues, americana and more in our sound. I'm Tommy Drinkard on guitar and lead vocals. Eric Lee bass. Anwar Glenn, guitar. Ty Key, drums.

I am curious to know how was this band created and why did you choose music as your platform to tackle world issues?

We were created after Tommy's previous band Project Tom Buffalo disbanded. He was looking for musicians to play some of his music. He then contacted Eric and Anwar who he met through the music school they all attended, Eric recommended Ty, and from the first rehearsal we had some obvious chemistry. Since then we have grown a lot as a band and through some of our influences like Neil Young and Lukas Nelson&Promise of the Real we realized there are tangible ways we can start changing the world with our music through festivals and NGOs and what not.

Like any band I am sure you have times where work is stressing you all out. How do you deal with issues together?

Keep a cool head and joke around. Appreciate life. You can't let life slip by stuck in your head worrying about things that at the end of the day don't really matter. It's all love out here. Music is what we love, and we like to have fun doing it, why do it all if it wasn't.

Wastin’ is such a great feel good song, can you tell us what was the inspiration or story behind this song?

Our good friend who works in the film industry Reid Gunion, who is a high school friend of Tommy's sent Tommy a text when he was at a Thanksgiving family Golf Day tradition that had the first two lines of the song and a message saying to put some magic to it. Tommy received the text while he was actually playing a riff that he enjoyed, but couldn't find words to. From there the song flowed out pretty naturally. He then brought it to the band, where Eric added a bass line that gives the song its upbeat, feel good sound. Ty the perfect groove down behind that bass line, Anwar colored it up with some lush guitar sounds, we wrote some harmonies, and there you have it... "Wastin'"

Where can we find you guys’ music?

Wastin' is available on all platforms starting today April 11th.


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