Drip Confidence With King Soloman's "Wish For This"

King of the Miami Jewish Underground music scene, King Solomon has been making his mark on the world from the Southside of Brooklyn, NY.

At a young age, he found a deep connection to music. Now, he introduces us to his creation of a boy who grew up in Brooklyn, showcasing a past of defying the odds and rising up against challenges. King Soloman’s audience can relate to his music in multiple ways as he combines a rhythmic flow with witty lyrics to grab the listener’s attention. Along with a brand of authenticity, it’s no wonder why King Soloman has the recipe for success.

In an enticing blend of elements the build on the ever so buoyant instrumentation of “Wish For This,” King Soloman provides his audience with an authentic dive into the dark undertones he portrays through his music. Riding the beat in a fashion that has us bouncing along to his undeniable swagger, we pick up on the surge of energy that gets amplified in a swift motion.

The lyrical dexterity he utilizes comes off as self-assured and determined; two things that we adore in an emcee. Knowing what he wants with his eyes on the prize, there’s little left to the imagination as King Soloman blatantly leaves it all in the buttery cadences he serves up.

Keeping the rhyme schemes simplistic as a strategy to get his point across in a mesmerizing manner, we swiftly grasp onto what King Soloman is putting down as he tours us through the infectious grooves emitted. Lyrical motifs such as, ‘I wished for this. I’m making hits. I never quit. I’m the sh*t,’ have us rapping along to each word expressed in our best attempt to feed off of the same vigor King Soloman embodies.

“Wish For This,” is that anthem you look forward to playing when you hit the road with your windows rolled down. Get ready to press repeat, and add King Soloman to your amped playlists.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, King Soloman, and congratulations on the release of “Wish For This.” We love the concept you weave into your lyrics. What does this song mean to you as the creator?

Thank you. There’s a lot of meaning behind the song but I would say this song means a lot to me in terms of my progression, that I’m growing as an artist and I have results to show for it.

What musical and non-musical influences do you take into your music with you? How do they help you craft your sound?

Jay-Z, Dave Chappelle, Mac Miller, J cole, Lil Wayne, Salt Bae, Steph Curry, New York City, Wynwood, Sonic The Hedgehog, Christian Bale, Denzel Washington, Joey Badass, and the list goes on and on. They all help in different ways it’s hard for me to go into detail about each one but I can say that for instance, I grew up watching Dave Chappell nonstop, I still do. His comedy was just on another level and I would use his jokes and delivery in order to help me with my punchlines while I’m rapping or freestyling. Every now and then I use a Chappelle show reference and my energy is always on point whenever I include it in a track. Also, Jay-Z is a big role model in terms of the dedication & motivation to be a successful writer and lyricist. I watch videos nonstop of him breaking down his approach to music, how he focuses on poetry and is able to make all these hit records without ever using a pen and paper. He’s just a legend, and his songs really impact me like the heart of the city. Whenever I’m listening to music and a song from hov comes on I never skip it. Always something to learn from his lyrics.

What message are you hoping to send out to your audience through “Wish For This?"

That’s there’s always a struggle behind success. Keep on wishing for what you want, and with hardworking & persistence, you will always succeed and strive.

You shot a neon-inspired music video for "Wish For this." What can you tell listeners about the experience on set and what to expect from the visuals?

It was a one-of-a-kind experience to be in that environment where your just vibing in every room of the studio, the lights are going crazy, you look in the mirror and you enter another world. The B room made me feel like I was living in the clouds. For this video, similar to “Hands of Time” I teamed up with The Lucrative Youth to film the music video and we used their studio to record the song as well. My Engineer and certified hitmaker Renzo Gonzales helped mix the track and made a cameo in the video. The energy was flowing and it turned out crazy. At the release party, I had all the guests wear 3D glasses and it changed the whole video, so if you ever get the opportunity to watch it like that. When you see the video you will understand the whole point of the song.

What's next for you?

We have a lot in store for everybody. More shows, more videos, new freestyles & new collabs. I have a new track dropping on June 4th called Take Out The Trash which is going to put the streets on smash in Miami. My good friend 40 is featured on it. He & I go way back with it, we used to bust out freestyle all the time in my corolla when I lived in Brooklyn before I moved down to Miami and he moved to La. With the help of God, we were able to reunite and start making some top-class music. The song is really about, getting rid of negative individuals from your life, hence take out the trash. Everyone goes through it, people come and go. You want to switch up the vibes and surround yourself with positive energy that’s beneficial to your goals and purpose. Another thing I got coming up is my weekly Friday freestyle. I’m bringing them back and dropping a freestyle every Friday on Instagram. You can check it out on my page @kingsoloman_ . If you feeling the vibes, be sure to share it with your friends and get hype because we not stopping anytime soon.