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Dripped Out in the Good Life, Fat Ahk Brings Us "Celine"

Reigning from Henderson, North Carolina, Fat Ahk powers through the Hip-hop scene as a versatile Muslim rapper. With a panache that escorts you on a voyage through the depths of love, pain, and murder, the “All Red Ahk,” stands out above the rest with a turban and a red beard to accompany him.

In the triumphant introduction that the instrumentation of “Celine,” encompasses, we are automatically encouraged to anticipate every word shed from this new wave trap ambiance weighty with bass. Fat Ahk personifies a larger than life facade as he transmits enough confidence to fuel a generation. The prevailing presence in his vocalization rides the flow in an effortless manner as he dictates the beat to curve his way. Focusing on cadences versus articulation, it eases us into the hype exhibition that Fat Ahk performs from the start to finish of this record.

Illustrating the expressions he holds within through his intricately crafted lyrics, Fat Ahk voices this storyline of a woman who is determined to go after what she wants in life regardless of the cost. “Baby girl want that new Celine, she want that bag,” is the unforgettable opening line to this Hip-hop hit and chorus as we are pulled in close to the rags to riches world that Fat Ahk performs in. “Celine,” can be found on the album “LATE NIGHT SESSIONS. VOL 1,” as Fat Ahk continues to establish his name as an up and comer in the music industry. Focused on drive, lyricism, and that mesmerizing content his listeners know and love, we look forward to seeing the long-term progression from this promising creative.

Hello Fat Ahk, Congratulations on the release of “Celine,” off of your album “LATE NIGHT SESSIONS. VOL 1,” and welcome to BuzzMusic. Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself as an artist in the Hip-hop industry?

I’m an artist out of Henderson, NC, and I’ve been in music for about four years now. I started my music career at Shaw University along with my partner Splash who I founded the label ONLY GETS BETTER ENTERTAINMENT with or O.G.B for short. And my name Fat Ahk is a play on my Muslim culture and my weight lol.

What moment inspired you to write the ever so memorable “Celine”?

I wrote Celine because I wanted to be more versatile, and I also have this side of me I Call my drake side, so I wanted to tap into that and switch things up.

What made you decide to make this record the single off of your newly released album?

I made Celine the single because of how much love and support it was getting, I actually dropped it before I dropped “ Late NIGHT SESSIONS VOL.1 “ and it was hit so I had to make it the single off the album.

What words of wisdom would you give your listeners to send off the year 2020?

To all my listeners never give up on yourself no matter what you are doing, I know times get ruff especially this year but you are still here you are still alive that means you got purpose Allah isn’t done with you just getting you better equipped for your life.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I’m dropping an EP name “ All Red Ahk” and I got some visuals releasing for some songs off of “ Late Night Sessions Vol.1."



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