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Driven Rapper, Issa Storm Shows Listeners What Confidence is All About

For those who aren't familiar with female powerhouse Issa Storm, she hails from New York City and is emerging with absolute grace as a versatile rapper. Focusing on her intrinsic motivations, Issa Storm chooses to put forth her energy into her advancement as a music artist. She isn't allowing anyone or anything to come in the way of it.

Using many inspirations to guide her artistic vision, Issa Storm has taken on the perspective of gratitude and confidence to propel herself forward. Recent music included the release of "Dior Me" within the past month, and the surge of confidence that Issa Storm so clearly had throughout the track was what attracted tons of admiration. Issa Storm chooses to shine the spotlight on female empowerment, ultimately using her personal battles and experiences to shape the music she writes. Issa Storm screams confidence, making it easy to want to stay tuned with her future music.

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