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DruiZ and Mattea Made Bring The Heat In, "Dime"

Always striving to create thorough sonic journeys, multi-instrumentalist and producer DruiZ teams up with vocalist Mattea Made for their expansive and uplifting latest single, "Dime."

When creating his sonic ventures, DruiZ intends to take listeners through various landscapes and experiences merely through his array of electronic and acoustic instruments. Aiming to build a connection with his audience through his music, DruiZ uses his internal and vulnerable emotions to reel listeners into his unforgettable listening experiences.

Recently releasing his powerful collaboration with Mattea Made, "Dime," the Spanish lyricism is said to evoke self-reflection and inner communication, encouraging listeners to analyze what doesn't serve them anymore. "Dime" also has a fantastic and alt-electronic remix by Anthex, who blazed our speakers with incredible rhythm and an overall sensation of sonic contentment.

Listening to the original single, "Dime," the track takes off with a powerhouse bass-like synth that blasts through our speakers with vast emotion. Once the airy and broad drum arrangements begin to pound their way through, Mattea's sweet and layered vocals start to belt while leaving us in awe of her charismatic delivery and overall vocal talent. This song sounds as if it came straight out of a coming-of-age movie's introduction, as it sets quite the alluring and exciting sonic atmosphere.

Although this is DruiZ's first attempt and mixing and producing, we honestly can't tell, as the song is wildly dense, compact, and crisp, leaving us tapping our feet to the scorching drum breaks alongside the growling bass-like synth and Mattea Made's unique vocal stylings.

Get into the groove of DruiZ and Mattea Made's recent single, "Dime," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, DruiZ Music. What an engaging and powerful experience you've delivered with your recent hit, "Dime." What inspired you to create this single? How long was it in the making?

'Dime' was created after Mattea Made and myself met at a music festival in Wells, in the north of British Columbia. When we were coming back from the festival, we had to stay a night by the highway as both our vehicles were having mechanical problems, so we decided to camp overnight by a creek and hope for the best the next day, so we can get our vehicles repaired. During this time we shared our music and decided we would want to make a collaborative song together, so when I got back home I put together a track with my drum pad, bass, and other percussion and sent it to her. It took a while until I heard back, as Mattea had just moved to France, but after a few months, she sent me back her vocal ideas and I loved them! Later that week I was trying to figure out an arrangement for the song and my computer crashed...and the work was lost...all I was able to recover was the track I originally sent to her... A few months went by and the COVID pandemic began. When this happened and all shows and live performances took a halt, I spent a solid amount of time setting up a studio for myself, so I could record music, especially drums on my own, so I got an upgrade on my recording equipment. I went to revisit the track and asked Mattea if she could send the vocal tracks again, and thankfully she still had them. When I got them I was able to make an arrangement I was happy with and said: "This needs live drums," so I recorded myself on the drums, guided by the feelings and emotions from the tune, and after 3 takes I was happy with the way it turned out. Sent it back to Mattea for approval and we were both very happy. This was the driver to put out my debut single from DruiZ, a project that has been going on for years, playing live shows in different parts of the world, like Canada, USA, Colombia, Spain, France, and the UK, but had no recordings, and as a result from the jump into this debut, now there are 4 singles out and more to come.

What gravitated you to the stylings of Mattea Made when seeking a vocalist to feature on "Dime?" What did she bring to the table that you were looking for?

I would call it a serendipitous synchronicity moment. We vibed as friends when we met each other and decided to collaborate based on the good energy we felt when we hung out, we liked similar music and we were both open to each other's ideas. When she sent me her vocals, also in Spanish, I knew there was a vibe and it was not something I put expectations on, it simply became what it is by trusting and allowing the process to unfold and become a piece of music that was born from our raw feelings and ideas.

Seeing that "Dime" was your first attempt at production and mixing, what was your creative process like? How did you navigate the overall sound and feel of the sonics?

Being a drummer and percussionist, I always strive for a solid unedited drum performance. In this particular song, the drum take was done last, but I feel like it gave it the feel that it needed. Having said that, it was a lot of fun to explore and mess around with a lot of electronic and acoustic sounds as well as the many possible tonalities to find that spot that made all the elements of the song feel unique and cohesive. It is quite the process and it is very satisfying and stress-free when you have the time to work on the mixing and production at your own pace, giving yourself time to rest the ears and reassess with no external pressure or deadlines. That being said, it was very important to remind me that I could keep trying to "make it better" or "change this or that," but also remember that if it feels good, leave it and just put it out because ultimately my goal is to share as much music as I can with everyone in the world, and help them navigate through their feelings and get inspired by it. The more I create, the more I realize that I have to trust the process and allow what feels and sounds right to me to guide the direction of the creativity.

What did you want listeners to take away from Made's lyrics in "Dime?" What thoughts did you want to evoke in the listener?

'Dime' is a song that evokes self-reflection and communication within yourself. It encourages you to ask yourself what you know, wants, thinks, or see by letting yourself be guided by your own imagination. The lyrics in English say: "Tell me everything you know, tell me everything Tell me everything you want, tell me everything Tell me everything you think, tell me everything Tell me everything you see, tell me everything Tell me, tell me, what you see? Tell me, tell me." One can think that they refer to someone asking another person these questions, but the idea is based on asking yourself these questions in the mirror and working on understanding oneself and our individual roles in our own existence and keep learning and growing within the time of our lives.

What was your initial reaction when listening to Anthex's remix of "Dime?" Did you enjoy the electronic and upbeat spin he put on the original single?

When I first listened to the Antex remix, I actually teared up, because the upbeat electronic version of it gave it a new perspective that really evoked a lot of great feelings within myself and my music. I felt proud about the work that had been done and I immediately wanted to release it and get it out to as many ears as possible. It gave a new perspective to the song that I really appreciated then and still do today when I hear it, makes me smile and want to bust a move.

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