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DruiZ Examines The Age-Old Dilemma Of The Heart And Mind On His New Release “You Hurt So Good” Ft. The Madame Lion

Will love be able to overcome before it consumes us all?

A boundary-breaking artist known for his seamless blend of electronic and acoustic elements, DruiZ has steadily positioned himself as one of the most stylistically exciting up-and-comers in the industry today.

With an ever-curious artistic spirit, his desire and ability to explore the intricacies of the heart, mind, and human connection have captivated listeners worldwide. Watch for this rising star with many new collaborations and music in the works.

Fittingly, DruiZ’s focus on meaningful releases has resulted in a discography impressively defined by its outstanding quality. A true artist and creative at heart, inspiration DruiZ shows us that inspiration can come anywhere from the complex to the exceedingly simple.

As long as the uniting current called humanity runs through the artistic mediums, releases will continue to touch the hearts of listeners, and DruiZ’s music has steadily come to embody these exceedingly precious qualities.

DruiZ’s latest release, “You Hurt So Good,” sees him join forces with the captivating Colombian poet and screenwriter, The Madame Lion. This electrifying collaboration showcases their shared passion for spontaneous and meaningful music creation.

It utilizes a lush instrumental performance filled with hypnotizing, gently thumping bass and snares that add to a feeling of intimacy. “You Hurt So Good / I’m begging please / Wanting to get love from you,” The Madame Lion implores. Altogether, the lyrics for “You Hurt So Good” provoke introspection, questioning whether love alone is enough to overcome the turmoil within.

Inspired by the age-old conflict between the heart and the mind, DruiZ’s latest release, “You Hurt So Good,” delves into the complexities of love and introspection. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream DruiZ’s latest release, “You Hurt So Good,” on all major streaming platforms.


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