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DruiZ’s 4-Track EP, Recordatorio I: A Sonic Exploration Of The Life Experience

Grounding us in the gift of life is the musical project of multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ruiz, DruiZ, with his transcendent 4-track EP entitled Recordatorio I.

DruiZ's music knows no bounds. It consists of a unique fusion between electronic and acoustic instrumentals, showcasing his love for spontaneous, meaningful creations.

Having released various singles over the past few years, all celebrated in their niche circles, DruiZ recently released his 4-track EP that prompts us to contemplate what it means to be human.

In DruiZ's words, Recordatorio I is inspired by "the reminder of the gift that life and existence brings us." With each song signifying our journey on this Earth, he reminds us to look at the bigger picture — the connection we share through larger organisms: flora, fauna, Earth, the solar system, and beyond.

The EP starts with the introductory track, "A Donde? (Fauna)," with birds twittering in the background alongside what sounds like a lifeline. As the smooth, tropical percussion and ambient synths rain down from above, DruiZ creates a stellar atmosphere of power. On a broader scale, it's the soundtrack of the primal animal kingdom and its evolution beyond our existence. It's a dynamic and engaging instrumental that perfectly leads into track number two.

Hitting play on "Planetarialismo," we move beyond the animal kingdom and into something bigger, the massive space rock we humans call Earth. With a heavy increase of electronic basslines and spacey sci-fi synths, this song feels like floating above our terrain and seeing it from a bird's eye view. DruiZ's spacious and rhythmic production sonically reminds us that our worries are just as small as how humans appear from outer space. Microscopic.

Leading into the lush interlude with track number three, "Flora (Interlude)," this is where we start to feel one with the Earth. Although short, DruiZ's interlude perfectly paints vivid pictures of abundant flora, from the Amazon rainforest to the plants in our backyard. The blending of serene frequencies of rhythmic percussion feels like a breath of fresh oxygen, graciously provided by the precious flora rooted to the Earth we call home. It's a reflective, relaxing interlude that deepens our connection with the greenery.

Landing on the EP's fourth and final track, "Tiempo (Donde Estoy)," we zoom out even further on the life experience and sonically explore the concept of time, one that waits for no one. DruiZ's danceable beats and rich electronic production are food for the soul, and with the background vocals trying to navigate their journey through time and space, DruiZ's concept is brought to life even further. He perfectly conveys the essence of a human's battle with time and its impact on how we view the world.

DruiZ provided many thought-provoking concepts even without a single lyric in his newest 4-track EP, Recordatorio I. With themes that explore the gift of life and its many blessings, the new EP serves as a reminder to stop and smell the roses, even when time isn't on your side. Find DruiZ's new EP, Recordatorio I, on all digital streaming platforms.

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