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Drunken Coyote Brings A Refreshing Sound To Hip-Hop With “This Morning”

Drunken Coyote is an electronic/hip-hop duo based right here in Los Angeles. Consisting of childhood friends, this collective has a wide range of musical influences, cinematic beats and multi-layered lyrics. Drunken Coyote has created a distinct sound that can best described by fans as vulnerable grunge hip hop. Their latest track “This Morning” is a psychedelic chill hip-hop track that gives the listener a retrospective look inside the minds and artistry of Drunken Coyote.

“This Morning” comes in will mellow backbeats and melancholic vocals. The verses feature hard-hitting bars and emotive lyricism. Drunken Coyote curates relatable track in order to form more authentic connections with their listeners. They put their mind, heart, soul and ambition on display through their individual sound. “This Morning” keeps things real and raw as Drunk Coyote speaks their truth through their incredible music. The electronic/hip-hop sound is unlike anything we’ve heard before and is a welcome addition to the music scene. Drunken Coyotes blurs the lines of genres and always keeps their sound relevant and mesmerizing. Stay tuned for what they deliver next! 



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