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Dude Reppin Knowhere Has A “Sneaky Style” To Rap

Dude Reppin Knowhere's music takes listeners on a trip back to the 80s. His newest single, "Sneaky Style," is no exception. The song has addictive lyrics that move quickly and have a catchy and funky rhythm.

Dude Reppin Knowhere is unconstrained by a particular genre or aesthetic. His music and style are versatile and freely mix sounds from Eastern European funk to hard-hitting East Coast bars to dirty South rap. His music is a melting pot of all the world's unique sounds, allowing for a diversified discography.

The five-track EP 'Space Activated' by Dude Reppin Knowhere demonstrates how the musician is unattached to modernity and is truly on a plane of his own. Each song contrasts the one before it, alternating between upbeat beats and calming synthesizers, all coated with catchy lyrics that highlight the artist's artistic brilliance.

Dude Reppin Knowhere has an overwhelming sense of assurance and swagger. Don't be fooled; the artist has a down-to-earth demeanor that will have you doing a double take.

"Sneaky Style" is a blast of energy and vibrancy that showcases the song's inspiration, Dude Reppin Knowhere's unique sense of style. The summertime tune encourages listeners to relax and not take themselves too seriously.

Let the invigorating and uplifting energy of "Sneaky Style" transport you into Dude Reppin Knowhere's unique dimension. You will want to freak out and let loose with this fresh and hip tune that is damn sure to have you jumping up and down.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dude Reppin Knowhere, and congratulations on your latest single, "Sneaky Style." Can you start by telling our readers how you would define your latest single, "Sneaky Style?"

I tend to pick outfits for functions and shoots the day of. Feeling a vibe can change by the hour, so I’ll throw on something I’m feeling at that moment. Naturally, my style can be tastefully clashy- A lot of my wardrobe consists of bright colors and busy patterns. “Keep it tight or freaky wild”- Freaky wild is velour pants, soccer jerseys, space boots, and holographic shades… and these pieces seamlessly come together in new ways every time. Keepin’ it tight is matching athletic jumpsuits, fit vintage button-ups, maybe a fedora, and an old watch. I tend to lean into the freaky wild more often.

. What is important to you when it comes to your fashion and style?

I like to feel funky and unique through fashion because my being has funky and unique essence to begin with. If the top or bottom half of an outfit is very loud, I balance it out with something more subdued on my other half. Fitment is key too. Baggy is swaggy, tighter feel fresh, and sophisticated. It’s definitely gotta fit with the right shape and all. Also, most of my closet is thrifted- I enjoy continuing the story of the life of the clothing and feeling its energy from previous wearers. What was the main source of inspiration when writing and recording "Sneaky Style?" Why?

This song happened fast. It’s like we were meant to make it for years and finally did that night. There’s this great balance between funky fresh dope, and goofy fun silly, which we intended to capture in the beat, lyrics, delivery, and finally, the video. Why? Because the Void, because Knowhere. What's the message you'd like people to take away from "Sneaky Style?"

Do you fully. What's next for you?

More recording. I’m spewing at the seems.


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