Duo Raised on TV Release Their Alt-Rock Version of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” and It's a Must Hear

San Fernando brothers Keaton (guitar, vocals) and Kacey (drums) have taken their musical and comedic styling’s out of their house and into the public’s hands by forming their duo Raised on TV. Having released their second album “Season 2” in 2020, the duo has taken their alt-rock style and recorded a cover of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” for their latest single with more in the works. Raised on TV is constantly growing and evolving while opening for successful acts like Jefferson Starship and Marcy Playground, and playing many festivals/tours across North America.

The duo is ready and eager to develop even more. Raised on TV’s cover of “Truth Hurts” took quite the creative turn when playing around with the song’s lyrical delivery and timing. The duo has rendered it enough to not only make it sound like a completely new song but a new song perfect for alternative radio stations. While incorporating instruments like drums, electric guitar, and keyboards, Raised on TV has created an upbeat alt-rock version while still delivering the empowering message of the original song. While also including comedic elements in the lyrical delivery, the duo has captured perfectly the essence of taking a great song and making it greater.