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Rising Cleveland Hip Hop Artist Duway Shares His "VI$ION" With BuzzMusic

Welcome to BuzzMusic Duway! Knowing you’ve begun your songwriting journey at such an early age, in what ways has your artistry evolved over time?

Whenever I would write a song, I would always challenge myself to create something greater than what I created last time. I sometimes try to step out of my comfort zone.

Tell us about your label “VI$ION”. What are your intentions with this movement?

Vi$iON is a movement I created for talented individuals who aren’t as popular as others like myself to have an opportunity to show the world their passion for what they love to do. The meaning behind the name is turning dreams into reality.

Let’s move on to your music! We enjoyed listening to your “VI$ION” EP! What was the main theme behind this project?

The theme was based on me having a visualization of becoming successful overnight lol. While creating the project I had high hopes of receiving a record deal because at the time I felt like it was an opportunity for me to gain exposure. Did you stumble upon any unique challenges during the creation of this? I sometimes wanted to give up on making music at the time because I had so much drive and ambition but yet every opportunity I had would always vanish also dealt with a lot of doors slammed in my face.. but I guess not everyone is given that superstar lifestyle.

Which song from your EP “VI$ION” do you feel best represents the project’s concept and why?

Focused, because focused basically sums up everything I was going thru at the moment and it explains how I try to keep going.

What can fans expect next from you?

More music, clothing, performances. Currently working on my next project tilted “Mundane” which would be an LP and also going on tour soon.

Listen to "VI$ON" here.



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