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Dvniel Released The Perfect Breakup Single, “Lie To Me”

Dvniel is what we consider “The Jack Of All Trades” of music. He’s an amalgamation of musical genres including PoP, R&B, Folk, and Country. After attending a multitude of different schools in different locations due to a traveling family, he was able to develop a wide range of musical influences. Settling in Los Angeles, his musical accomplishments include writing for and working with artists and bands such as Tonic, Lifehouse, Maxwell, PInk, Pitbull, Chris Brown, and Boyz II Men. With his songwriting skills, and multi-dimensional musicality, Dvniel is seemingly the new leading face in the game.

So we took a listen to Dvniel’s release of “Lie To Me” and this song is ready to land a spot on your favorite heartbreak playlist. I mean, we all have a go-to playlist where we listen to when we’re deep in our feelings right? Well if we happen to be wrong, you can start the playlist now with this heart-rendering single. “Lie To Me” discusses the major theme of heart-break, betrayal, and the missing of a significant other. It tells the tale of a derailed relationship and deception. With powerful vocal belts, and a heavy passionate delivery, Dvniel puts his heart and soul into this piece, completely capturing the moment. If you’re enduring a breakup and need that right song to get you through the emotions, “Lie To Me” is perfect for you!

Listen to “Lie To Me” here and get to know more about Dvniel below!

Welcome to Buzzmusic Dvniel! Knowing you’ve traveled across many states in your lifetime, which has had the most impact for you and your music and why?

Thank you so much! Wow. I don't even know to begin. My Mom always used to say, a new city and a new culture always bring with it new colors, new smells, new energies that can only help you to create new Art. My parents are originally from the Philadelphia area and I spent a lot of formative years in New Hope, Pennsylvania, a lush, historic and very beautiful rural suburb of Philadephia. It was mainly a hippy community and I attended two different high schools there. Folks like Leon Redbone, and even Art Garfunkle lived down the street from us and it was also the place where I was in my first band called Daybreak. We were mainly playing Cream and Eric Clapton covers. It was also a time when my Dad, my biggest musical I have still to this day, started a tradition of playing music together in our living room. Him on harmonica (he's a beast) and me on guitar while my mom cooked dinner. We also lived in Sewanee, Tennessee. My Dad was attending a Seminary there to become an Episcopal Priest and it was a big culture shock for a bunch of Italian American Northerners trying to assimilate into Southern culture. I learned a lot about Country Music at a young age and realized how much of it's story telling comes from R&B and Soul and that the genres aren't that different than one another. I was just beginning to write music at this time on my guitar and the singing part just kinda naturally came out while I was strumming. My family has always been my biggest inspiration musically for me. My Dad always taught me to keep an incredibly open mind with regards to creating and really taught me to appreciate the greats like, Steve Winwood, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Otis Redding, Charlie Musselwhite, Toots Thielemans, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many many more. Each place we moved from and to my Dad made it a point to play music every chance we had.

How would you describe your songwriting approach? You’ve written many tracks for many hitmakers so we had to ask!

The process and approach are different from each Artist, Writer or Producer I work with. The Artist may be young and have their Mom there, their manager may be in the room, or they may not show up and you have to come up with the whole song yourself haha. Sometimes you have to be the driver in the room. The first idea maker that can help kickstart the song, whether that be a title, a melody, or a progression. Other times you have to assume the role from the backseat which can help steer the energy in the room. That's what it is at the end of the day. There's an energy in a writing room before the first note or lyric is uttered and you have to read that before you open your mouth. There's also a goal in mind that when you get together at the end of the session you want to leave with a finished song, vocals recorded, fully produced, etc and sometimes that happens; sometimes it doesn't, and that's ok, too. It also depends on who you're writing for and with. If you're writing with the Artist in the room and they're not the strongest writer you always want to make them feel safe and part of the process. I've been doing this since I was very young and have both sides of the bed. It can be very intimidating as a young Artist on a label to "go in the studio and write us a smash." Sometimes the Artist doesn't have an idea for a song, and that's ok. It's about earning their trust and becoming a friendly sounding board in the room so they feel like they can open up to you. After all, music is therapy and the best songs have always come from a place of vulnerability and honesty. Other times I will work with Producers for a specific project, like writing for a television sync or film and those songs tend to be a little broader lyrically and in any case I'm always always always am referencing existing songs to see if our sentiment has either been shared before or if it helps inspire us to move in another direction. Being flexible in the writing room is imperative. Being open to an idea that someone shouts out, even though secretly you might hate it, is always good. You never know where it may take you.

Let’s discuss this release “Lie To Me”. The lyrics details the theme of a failed relationship, in what ways were you able to relate to the lyricism?

Let's be honest, everything comes from some experience haha. I just recently got married and my wife is my world. There are times that I envisioned not being with her and/or not being deserving of her. We've all felt "not good enough" at times and especially when we fuck up. And I sure have had my fair share of fuck-ups in my life haha. The song is also meant to be visual and I wanted it to start out as a love song and then turn suddenly lyrically. The phrase "Lie To Me" came out in the room with Max pretty immediately. Once I sang that line, we both sat down and went, hmmm, how can we spin this. We didn't wanna just write a love song like "I hate you for lying to me" or "You always lie to me" or "Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth!" we thought coming from this place of vulnerability is such a real thing. It's also when you wished the person loved you back the way you love them, and maybe just hearing the words, even if they don't mean them, can provide some solace and comfort even for a brief moment.

What about “Lie To Me” do you think best represents your artistry Dvniel?

This is the most ME any of my releases. At the song's core, it's passionate and yet simple. I strive to make music that feels timeless and with melodies that are simple in their execution but filled with passion. I feel every word I sing cause I've lived every word I wrote. It's also a blend of genres which best represents me as an Artist. It's a little pop, a little R&B, and a little storytelling.

How do you plan on elevating the next song from a seemingly perfect hit like this?

Very kind of you, thank you. I just released this song yesterday so I'm going to be promoting this one for a little while in hopes of landing it on some great playlists. Im also collaborating with DJ's to do remixes of "Lie To Me." My plan for my Artist project is to continue to collaborate with DJ's and Producers writing and singing the songs and having them release them featuring my vocals and writing. I'm also creating acoustic versions of my songs as well as remixing songs like "Lie To Me" for alternative version releases. Doing this all independently allows me to release what I want and promote it how I want, and we have every tool at our fingertips now. We are still in a singles market and releasing one song at a time gives us the power to really promote it with awesome News and Media outlets like BuzzMusic. We are also in a time musically where people are now binge listening to music on platforms like Spotify and Apple which gives us a chance to really connect to an audience. I'm really honored to have had the platform and chance to discuss all this with you, so thank you for the opportunity!


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