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Dxadpoxt Tells Us The Raw Truth In New EP “A Tragedy Of Love”

Based in Vancouver, talented artist dxadpoxt has returned after taking almost a decade away from music. He has returned with the goal of creating music that forces his listeners to take a look at the world they are living in. dxadpoxt makes music that intersects somewhere between hip-hop, rap, R&B, trap, and neo-soul.

“A Tragedy of Love” is dxadpoxt’s latest EP we’re bumping through the office. The project follows the trials and tribulations of two lovers - where one is self-destructive. He encourages his partner to leave, only to realize that he cannot live without her. The pain of being apart forces him to make a decision to free himself. However, he soon discovers that his choice has only made it much worse. The project carries a synth-wave alternative R&B/Hip hop vibe driven by heavy bass, melodic keys, and impassioned lyrics.

“Talk To Me” starts off with a heart-wrenching phone call to introduce us to the main theme and concept of the EP. Showcasing both a passion for music and a clear skill for story-telling, dxadpoxt leads with “Save Yourself”. Featuring impressive, unique musicianship, a spacious aura, and a string of lyrics that hold close to a poetic and deeply thoughtful writing style. “Save Yourself” is a truly selfless track with nothing but good intentions to avoid further pain. “Sorry” is another pleading phone call to highlight the emotion and heartbreaking feelings that went into creating this EP. As “A Tragedy of Love” transitions into “Miss Me”, there are as many moments of rhythmically entrancing bars as there are of satisfying and memorable melodies. All of this kicks in without the need for unnecessary gimmicks or quirks. “Call Me Back” is the moment where the female on the other end of the phone switches us and wants to try and work on things. After the ups and downs and emotional turmoil, “Love A Ghost” is a hard-hitting and impressive response. A heavy beat and dark, intentional lyrical substance with endlessly engaging content. “A Tragedy of Love” is truly creative and expressive as a whole, yet each track presents a completely new series of moments. Dxadpoxt is a versatile and faultlessly skillful artist. He expertly creates real music, unpredictable and new, yet entertaining and raw at the very same time.

I highly recommend you listen to “A Tragedy Of Love” here and keep reading for more with dxadpoxt!

What was the main concept behind this project?

A Tragedy of Love is a concept EP about the darker side of love. The project follows the story of two lovers - where one is self-destructive. Knowing that his self-destruction will eventually destroy them both he forces his partner to leave, only to realize that he cannot live without her. The pain of being apart drives him to make a decision to free himself from the torment of longing. However, he soon discovers that his choice has only made it much worse.

The EP carries a retro synth-wave alternative r&b/hip-hop vibe inspired by the 80s and driven by heavy bass, melodic keys, and impassioned lyrics. The story traverses the three songs on the EP and uses short interludes at the beginning of each song to create an almost cinematic experience.

Can you dive into details about the lyricism in “Love A Ghost”? 

The concept of whether love can transcend the limitations of the physical world is something I have often thought about. This track allowed me to explore this concept through music. As the final track on the EP, 'Love A Ghost' is written from the perspective of the main character postmortem. It is an opportunity for the character to justify his decision and acknowledge his mistake from beyond the grave. 

He explains that he thought taking his own life would free him from the pain of longing - only to admit that it hasn't. Instead, he is now trapped forever longing for his partner's love. He references the movie Ghost suggesting that he has become Patrick Swayze and that she is his Demi Moore, acknowledges that she tried to save him (a nod to track one) and commits to 'working it out' when they meet again on the other side.

The second verse also makes reference to Pamela Courson - the long-term companion of Jim Morrison (the singer of The Doors). Jim Morrison has long been an inspiration to me and I have always wondered about the true nature of his death - as he was found unresponsive in a Paris hotel bathtub. The inclusion of these lyrics allowed me to both pay homage to his influence on me as a poet and musician, while also calling into question the truth of his demise. Both the Ghost and Doors references mirror the experiences of the characters in A Tragedy of Love.

The song ends with the line "it's how it had to be, our love the realist tragedy," encapsulating the two major themes across the project. The first, the main character's belief that he had little to no control over the way in which things turned out. Throughout the EP the character questions his agency - believing that he and his love have always been cursed. The second, that despite all that has happened their love was real. Which in some sense, makes it all worth it. 

What do you hope your fans take away from your music and this album specifically?

I just want people to feel something. To feel anything. Love is such an incredible human emotion - it is the essence of our existence. However, with love comes vulnerability and the potential for immense pain. This album is meant to explore the many experiences of love - from passion to heartbreak. It tells a story that most of us can relate to in some way. I hope people connect with the sounds and find a piece of themselves somewhere in the project.

What's next for you through the end of 2019?

At the end of October I will be performing the EP at Vancity Street Week - a three-day underground fashion show in Vancouver - as well as exploring other opportunities to perform. Besides that I will continue to spend time at the studio working on my upcoming album and committing as much time and energy as possible to music. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be creative, and for every single person who takes the time to listen to my music and support my art. Thank you all.


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