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Dylan Joshua Hypnotizes You With New Single “8-BIT”

Dylan Joshua is a self-taught artist from Toronto, Canada who from humble beginnings, worked his way from working through the system to discovering his inner happiness in creating music. Dylan is known for giving an honest perspective on life and created the project 'Alternate' to reflect on his decision to take an alternate path in life. Dylan created an aesthetic set in the year of 2085 to capture a visual representation of the world he is trying to create - a world where people don't neglect their own abilities to try and fit in with a pre-created system. 

Through Dylan's unique style he was able to create the song "8 Bit". "8 Bit" is a laid back hip hop track that features spacey guitars, solid beats, wondrous sound design, and calm retrospective vocals. Though Dylan's self-taught knowledge of audio recording and processing, he was able to create an experience that takes you through a journey through different emotions. The song is reminiscent of '80s guitar licks and '90s hip hop all while maintaining a clean modern vocal that transforms in an almost ethereal fashion throughout the song. "8 Bit" is one of those songs that allows you to reflect back on life and think about the good moments. All in all, "8 Bit" is fulfilling in every way possible.

Listen to "8 Bit" here.



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