Dynamic Duo Candace And Michael Give You Chills with their new hit! “Truth Before The Lie”

Since the release of Candace and Michael's debut EP "Bridges", they have gained two nominations at the Much Music Video Awards, a semi-finalist position in the International Songwriting Competition, a sync-placement in the final season of 'New Girl' and over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

This dynamic duo isn’t planning on stopping just yet! They released their newest single titled “Truth Before The Lie” and this record will have you serenaded by the soft-like melodies, gorgeous vocals, and peaceful energy it gives. The passion in Candace's vocals starts off the record and you’re hypnotized. Her vocal tone, the texture of her voice, and her range were incredible. She begins this record by relaxing her listener within the music. The chords and melody the piano keys plays were BEAUTIFUL. In a way, you feel as if “Truth Before The Lie” has this hypnotic impact on its listener. It’s like Candace & Michael know how to give us goosebumps. “Truth Before The Lie” was a trail-blazing and breathtaking hit that overwhelms its listener with stunning acoustics, chords, and canorous driving vocals.

Listen to "Truth Before The Lie" here and read more with Candace and Michael below!

Welcome, Candace & Michael! We must ask! How did you two meet and form the duo?

Prior to Michael and I meeting, we were pursuing our music careers on our own. I was performing as a solo artist and Michael toured in a rock band. We both lived in the same city and had mutual friends in the local music scene. Once Michael and I met, we starting writing and performing together; and organically formed as a duo!

What is one challenge you two struggled with as a duo at the beginning of your career, that you have overcome now?

Work/Life balance! Having a relationship and also working with someone comes with its own challenges. Michael and I have learned to balance our time for both aspects of our relationship.

Out of all the venues you performed at, awards and accomplishments you’ve attained, which was the most monumental for you

Receiving a sync-placement in the final season of 'New Girl' ( starring Zooey Deschanel) was certainly a monumental moment for Michael and I. It was an opportunity that, once seemed out of reach, had fallen into our laps. The placement helped our music reach a wider audience, gaining over 30,000+ Spotify monthly listeners.

Tell us about this beautiful record “Truth Before The Lie” which was the meaning behind that?

"Truth Before The Lie" is about the struggle of living in the moment and being grateful for all you have. We can sometimes get lost in our heads and feel we always have to do more, but fail to realize and appreciate the great things already in front of us.

What can we expect from future releases!?

Michael and I spent last year in the studio, and we are excited that this year is the year for new music! We have a few new releases underway that we think our fans will love! ...One song will certainly be the perfect jam for spin class!.. but that's all I'm sayin! ;)


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