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Dynamic Duo Depth And Soul Go Hard In “Fire On A Beat”

Depth and Soul are a dynamic duo from the sleepy city of Nelson B.C. Although the city may be known for sleeping and laying low these two are not. They mix like fuel and fire, and once they get together things get heated and great music happens. After realizing the connection these distant cousins decided to connect family ties and make something happen. What started as a song quickly turned into another song, and another and another. There was no turning back once that fire started. Pulling creation from hip hops forefathers the sound of Depth and Soul has a 90’s vibe with a heavy emphasis on both the drums and lyricism. The best way to sum up Depth and Soul is “music with a deep meaning that can resonate inside your soul.

“Fire On A Beat” was the first song Depth and Soul crafted and was fitting to be the first release from their album “Valley Of The Lost Souls”. The smooth and confident sound of Depth and Soul reignites for this latest release “Fire On A Beat”. Offering up a series of energetic and multi-layered hip hop tracks, “Fire On A Beat” deals with hard-hitting bars and quick verses. 

It leads with a relentless vocal outpouring and a quickly likeable groove. Fine production by lets the music stand tall, a strong mix means you can turn this up and engage with the energy of each soundscape as much as the personality and storylines at the heart of the writing. The concepts and the moods set by the music intrigue and appeal. The flow and the passion in Depth and Soul’s words are completely immersive and addictive to listen to. The colorful video is worth a watch to enjoy the full experience of escapism and hone in on every word. Depth and Soul are known to offer something refreshing and undoubtedly welcome in contemporary hip-hop. 

Check out “Fire On A Beat” here and read more with Depth and Soul in our exclusive interview below! 

Hey Depth and Soul! Welcome to BuzzMusic, how did you create your stage name? 

Hey, thanks for having us. Our stage name stems from our artist names being Soulemnity and Depth. The name came about by accident really, we were just talking about similar duo's from The Grouch and Eligh, Eyedea and Abilities and Depth and Soul came out. We both kinda looked at each other and knew that was it, had goose pumps and everything.

Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics in “Fire On A Beat”? What does this track represent for you?

To me (Soul) it represents getting back in the saddle and swing of things. Not to hate on the top 50 or whatever but there some garbage music out there. We wanted to shed some light on that and get some thought provoking music out.

How did your collaboration together come about?

Depth was living in Vancouver for a couple years and decided to move back to Nelson, so he hollared at his little cousin Soul and said he wanted to make some music. Both of us were on a long hiatus from music so it was fresh and exciting to start working on something. 

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

Released?... hmmm... I think Fire on a Beat. Our album has a lot of emotions in it so its a good generalization from a collection of eclectic sounds. You could say it scratches the surface to a vault of music.

What do you hope to achieve as hip-hop artists through the end of 2019?

We just want the guy down the block to be listening to us or wearing a shit. We're humble dudes, we got another project dropping in the winter, hopefully in 2019.


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