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Dynamic Duo, Fushia, Drops “Gold”

Identical twin sisters and master lyricists, Nathalie and Mathilde form the dynamic duo of Fushia. The 22 year old sisters both grew up in Denmark and now live separately in London and Stockholm. Their music stylings focus on drawing inspiration from their different cities and environments. The cultural diversity makes Fushia’s creative ambition sore. The sisters make layed pop songs to speak up about their relationship with feminism, greed and hopelessness. They learned that vulnerability can be just as powerful as strength and that they can use their defiance to create art.

Get drawn into their dreamy and poetic universe with Fushia’s single “Gold”. The hard hitting electronic tones and heavy drum and base beat immediately demand attention. Followed up by hypnotic vocals, the powerful harmonies and eerily alluring tones sent a shockwave through my body. Exemplary lyrics describe the filthy greed within us all. We let that voice take over more and more as we’re never satisfied. Fushia strives to remind us that life is so much more than what the media and the world around us leads it to be. “The frost is coming while you dig for gold, but the gold is gone and all you’re doing is digging your own hole” is a lyric that’s cohesive with the main message of “Gold”. If we don’t stop constantly pursuing our greed we'll slowly make life worse for ourselves. I love Fushia’s take on pop in today’s music industry. It’s something different but it works so well with their style. “Gold” is a warning message for the never satisfied but an absolute hit for the fans! We can’t wait to see what they deliver next

Listen to "Gold" here and get to know more about Fushia below!

Hi Nathalie and Mathilde! When was Fushia formed?

We formed FUSHIA one and a half year ago when we both got into more electronic music - before that we mainly played classical music together. We messed around with Logic and pedals and vocoders and loops, and it quickly git clear to us, that we liked the same things - the massiveness in a production,  layers, contrasts and quirky samples. So it just really began like that and then step by step it has evolved to what it is today. 

When you’re not making music what do you do?

Mathilde: I’m getting into video projection mapping at the moment - it’s just really cool how 

you can transform a room completely only using projectors! Nathalie: I use most of my free time painting with water colors. Right now I’m very inspired by the shapes of microscopic bacteria and cells haha, I know it might sound a little weird, but they’re so beautiful to recreate in the movements of watercolor.

Who are your artistic inspirations? Why?

For quite a while we’ve both been really into the Swedish artist Skott, she makes the most magical music and her music videos are so inspiring as well. Everyone should go listen! We’re also really like Halsey and more electronic acts like the danish duo Den Sorte Skole. In the past we used to listen a lot to Eivør and Agnes Obel, and classical composers like Debussy or Grieg. We guess what’s common for all the artist we listen to is that their music is very powerful yet very delicate at the same time. This contrast is always very intriguing to us.

What inspired you to write about the topic of greed in “Gold”?

We live in a time where we’re constantly exposed to the world’s horrors through our screens. We hear about millionaires making money from lucrative black-market trades, huge clothing brands using child labour, parents cheating to get their children into prestigious universities and people getting paid to vote on corrupt politicians. At the same time so many kids grow up using social media seeing materialistic things as the way to define one's happiness or success. Everything is about money, money, money - profit, profit, profit. “Gold” is our reflection on this madness because we’re both sick of it, and actually scared of how it will end. Will we keep playing filthy to get what we want regardless of the consequences? Or will we, someday, get enough?

What are your favorite lyrics in “Gold”?

Hmm tough one ! But we love the phrase in the refrain: “Heading straight for the gold - trading sugar for souls, digging deep into mold, buy your way to the throne”. We think this sums up quite distinctly the contradiction in the global money-making-machine and how messed up it is. We also really like  “but the rust is coming, turns the silver dull, creeping up inside your skin and goes revealing flesh and skull” - because this sentence really visualizes the rotten and morbid inside of human being.


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